i have a crush

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hey i have a crush on a girl from church n she knows so now i feel like she hates me i think she does hate me wut do u think i can do to make her stop hating me? ???


  • i suggest u talk to her, find out why does she hate u? Is it something wrong u said, or did u do something she didn't like?
  • I agree ask her. The worst thing we can do is ASSUME. If you want to know the true answer go to the source which is this girl and ask her, be up front with her girls respect a man who tells the truth. Then you will know why she hates you or maybe likes you but is afraid to tell you so you think she hates you but she is really just shy.

  • thanks guys


  • David..when a girl finds out that a guy has a crush on her, she subconsciously acts different around him. Not because she hates him, but its just that now the relationship between you and her can't be purely "friends" anymore, because you both sense that there is something more then that. [i say both, because now she knows about it too]. Just give her time and space and she'll get over it. You just have to get over that crush first. You need to protect yourself by doing your best to try to not get attracted to girls [even though it is very hard in teenage years, you must pray to God and do your best ;)]. Rabina ma3ak.

  • ya like Hos irof said be honest with her talk to her and see what went wrong if anything went wrong
    you never know maybe being honest with her and she being honest with you and you never know what will happen :D
  • woow we all said the same thing in the same time FREAKY
    and marmar good post, just one question how can somebody has a crush on somebody for like 2 years or so i am not talking solely about you its just a question that been bothering me for a while sorry david if thats off your topic
  • You can have a crush for that long. Your feelings keep "growing" for this person all the time, till you think that it's love. Although we all know it's not true, not going there. lol
    My friend had a crush on the same guy for five years, so it is possible.

  • i don't think i can have a crush for that long
    but thats just me
  • Who knows. It might happen. It all depends on the person.

  • ive ahd one for 4 years... and still goingg :-\
  • God be with you.
    And all of us who need him.

  • Lol Wow you're only nine! I didn't even think guys and girls liked it each other at nine. When I was nine a guy to me was a sport's item. I always knew I could find one that would wanna play with me. lol Sry, I'm just surprised. I'm a bit of a tomboy, but I don't like admiting it. To tell you the truth, I do hate when people tell you, you can't do something, because you're too young. And actually it seems that you are very mature for your age. A lot of people younger then me are more mature then I am and make wiser decisions, that's why I can't stand when people pull the you are too young card. If I were in your position, I'd probably go talk to her, and tell her that I'm not looking for anything more than a friendship, don't worry I didnt mean to frighten you. Because I completly agree with wat MarMar said, she either likes you or doesn't want to hurt you and both ways she's gonna avoid you. Perfectly said MarMar. Be yourself around her too, when she sees that you have no tension around her, she'll calm down around you too. So to sum it all up talk to her, and be yourslef around her.

    God be with you anf good luck! ;)
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