Naming a child

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Praise God!!

After much prayer and stress... finally my wife and I realized we must leave all in God's hands, and now we are expecting our first child!!

For a while now we have had names picked out for both boy and girl. We are not and do not want to find out what we are having (as an aside, is it a sin to find out before hand?). So we can't ask anyone around us if these names are acceptable, and also if they are considered simply "christian names" or coptic names.

So if you could offer your thoughts I'd really appreciate it...



The names are listed in order of our preference. Are they acceptable coptic names? Will Abouna accept these names when He baptizes our children (God willing)?

Thank you all for you help,
God Bless


  • yes !

    i know at least 5/6 the names are "christian/coptic" for sure, but  Gabriella is unique, it  isn't exactly traditional, but it's Gabriel for a girl, so i would say  it's pretty coptic ! (: nice names !

    uhh also...why is it a sin to find out beforehand!?

    well, anyways, Good luck, and God bless !
  • Congrats!! All the names are wondeful and Christian names

    I personally know two Coptic Christophers, even though from what I know the Saint is more Catholically adored and honored, but still a wonderful name after a wondeful person.

    Likewise all the Girl names are perfectly acceptable, at first i was hesitant about Gabriella but then I rememberd a story of a man who promised to name his first child after Pope Kyrillos, but he gave birth to a he named her Kyrillosa.

    I dont htink finding out the sex of the chlid before hand is wrong because
    1. your not changing the fate of the child
    2. it has already been concieved so ur not looking and seeing into the future, for it  has already been made.
    3. it'll help you (if u choose to get it done) prepare for the childs entry i.e. buying clothes, toys, etc.
    4. almost eveyr Coptic person who was able to have it done has had it done...and i've never heard a Priest say it was wrong or anything

    God Bless
  • Congratulations!

    May God bless your child and your family.

    I think the names are wonderful, and also I don't see anything wrong with finding out the sex of the child beforehand. On the contrary, it would help you out.
    [quote author=gregorytheSinner link=topic=5682.msg75770#msg75770 date=1187671547]
    it'll help you (if u choose to get it done) prepare for the childs entry i.e. buying clothes, toys, etc.

    Just like gregorytheSinner said. Nothing wrong with it at all.
    Once again Congrats.

    Pray for me the sinner.
  • Congrats, and good luck. The names you have chosen are really good.
  • those r wonderful names.  congrats/  there all good.  !!! ;)

    plzz p4m Sister in Christ
  • hey, CONGRATULATIONS!!! May God be with you and your family. i like the name Andrew- well mostly becuase that my name  ;)
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