Help with Fastings!

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone new where I could get all the different days and dates ones to fast during the year. I would like to get more serious on fasting and keeping up with all the different feast and fast who can help?



    follow this link and u will find a lot of information about fasting, and all the fasts throughout the year, hope this helps :)
  • and another great one:

    (from this link):

    Feasts and Fasts of the Church

    (1720 - 1721) 2004

    7 Major Feasts

    January 7,

    January 19,

    April 11

    Palm Sunday
    April 4,

    May 30,

    May 20,

    April 7

    7 Minor Feasts

    Circumcision of our Lord January 14
    Entrance into the Temple February 15
    Entrance into Egypt June 1
    Wedding of Cana January 12
    Transfiguration August 19
    Holy Thursday April 8
    Thomas Sunday April 18

    Other Special Dates
    Great Lent
    February 16
    Fast of Ninevah February 2
    Good Friday April 9
    Christmas Fast November 25
    Apostle's Feast July 12,
    St Mary's Fast August 7
    St Mary's Fast August 22
  • and every wednesday and friday of the year.... :P
    without fish :P

    GBU ;)
  • Thanks alot those helped me.

  • hey i think you should ask the preist or the head decon for a calander of the year and all the fasts
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