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hey my bootiful ppl lol.......
does anyone have a play or script that is appropriate for the nayrouz feast?? or even a site or sumfin??
otherwise ill have to make up a script myself lol.....

much luv


  • do i make any sense?? lol....i just need a script that can be used during the nayrouz feast...
    any ideas ot tips.....
  • This topic has been open for awhile and no replies. I hope you don't think we are ignoring you; I just don't think that we got such resources on the net yet that could help you. At the moment I have no ideas, but I will try looking. Since it is for El-Nayrooz, is it a script to do with martyrs...? Best wishes on the whole thing- it seems like you have and will have your hands full.

    God bless!
  • I can't think of any specific script, but you could have a bunch of kids dress up as saints (ie Saint Antony, St George, St Demiana) etc, it's usually not too difficult to find appropriate clothing.
    Have each one tell his own story in a poetic kind of a way, and inbetween every saint you could let a choir sing songs about the Nayrouz feast.

    We had some sort of play before at our church, and it was really cute lol.

    You way want to listen to songs on this album, it's all about the Nairouz:

    Especially this song "Fen Nayrouz" is really nice!
  • hahahahahahah yeah man i was sooooooooo cutttt wen i saw no responses...i was like  :o :'( lol nah im kiddin...thank u gentlemen for ur help....i was avoiding making the script myself lol but no matter.....
  • I know I would be cut. I wish we could help, but I can't seem to find anything that I think is appropriate...Alas.

    If you need any help making the script, you can give me a private message, but I must warn I am no playwright.

    At the moment I am looking for plays based on martyrs?

    This obviously would have occurred to you, but I don't see any other option than to get a story form the synaxarium and make it a play...?
  • [quote author=Doubting Thomas link=topic=5654.msg75598#msg75598 date=1187274789]
    This obviously would have occurred to you, but I don't see any other option than to get a story form the synaxarium and make it a play...?

    no kiddin hahahha.....thats how i normalli do it but it requires creativity to turn a story inro a play
  • yeah...I don't have that creativity lol.

    I don't know if this is much interest to you, but here is a site with many dramas. Problem is:
    a) you don't know what is in it until you become a member
    b) to become a member you have to pay
  • are u kiddin me boi?? hahahhahah unless ur payin i aint joiining rather do it myself lol

    thank u anyways doubting thomas...ur a legend lol :)
  • lol
    It's alright kerestina... I think we are going to win it anywayz  :P
    For those of you that dont know.. This is a competition between the churches in sydney to produce a nayrouz play.

    good luck anywayz hehe
    cya on the night
  • Hey, if u want, i can give you a play that was done at my church for the nayrouz.
  • Ok well I'll give it to you anyway, it's really not very long.

    Narrator: Martyrs have died for the sake of Christ since the beginning of the church. Starting by St. Stephen, and still are many. When will they end? When will the pagans have enough of the church's blood? It is never. Our Church is strong, and Mighty! "The gates of hell will not prevail over it!" It is through the martyrs blood that the church is strong. By it, we showed the world the beauty of Christ, and our love for him.

    (Johny and Matt are talking on the phone)

    Johny: Hey matt are you going to the Vespers for the Feast of Nayrouz at church?

    Matt: I'm not going to a Fayrouz concert tonight, especially when it's in a church.

    Johny: Fayrouz? What? I said Nayrouz, and it's not a concert.

    Matt: Then what is it?

    Johny: It's vespers to prepare us tomorrow for the Feast of the martyrs of the church.

    Matt: Well i'm not going. Nayrouz Shmayrouz. I got better things to do.

    Johny: Like what?

    Matt: Like watch South Park, I've never missed a single episode since it started on TV.

    Johny: (sighs) South Park isn't more important than celebrating the martyrs, who by their blood kept the church alive.

    Matt: Ya whatever

    Johny: why don't you talk to abouna and see what he tells you?

    Matt: Who? That guy who walks around swinging a censer with a charcoal in it, then spraying girl's perfume so he nearly chokes us?

    Johny: Umm, ya, that guy

    Matt: Forget it!

    Johny: ok suit youself...

    Matt: Well South Park started, so i'll let you go.

    Johny: ok and i'm going to start getting ready for tonight. Bye

    Matt: Bye

    (Johny Driving to church)

    Johny: Lord, please help Matt. He really needs you. Nobody can be as compassionate as you. We all need you. You only provide us with the nourishment we need to live with. You Said, "Knock and it will be opened to you, Seek and ye shall find, Ask and it will be given unto you." I ask you Oh lord to help Matt through the prayers and intercessions of All your Saints, Amen.

    (In the church in front of the relics of the Martyrs)

    Johny: Please Oh lord, Through the blessings of these holy relics, Help Matt, so that he may see the true light. Please forgive him, and have mercy on my weak and sinful soul.

    (Abouna is putting spices on the relics of the saints) (Ek-Ezmarout is said here)

    After the Prayer Of Vespers

    Johny: Abouna, please pray for me and Matt. He really needs help. He's so lost and away from God.

    Abouna: May the Prayers of the holy Martyrs be with him

    (Matt finishes watching South Park and goes to bed)

    Unknown Ghostly voice: Matt, Matt, Matt

    Matt: wh, wh, w, who's th th t there?

    Unknown Ghostly Voice: I am St. Demiana

    Matt: Saint who?

    Unknown Ghostly Voice: Demiana the Servant of Christ

    Matt: Are you a character on South Park?

    Unknown Ghostly Voice: I see that the devil has really gotten to your mind by occupying your head with nonsense.

    Matt: Devils, in my Head? Oh for the Love of God please take them out!

    Unknown Ghostly Voice: Ok, but first give me your hand and I will show you things.

    (Matt takes St. Demiana's Hand and gets out of his bedroom. Smoke appears which will be used as a Tv to see the life of Saint Demiana)

    St. Demiana: (pointing to the Tv) Do you see that girl?

    Matt: yes

    St. Demiana: that was me

    Matt: Cool

    St. Demiana: I was a nun in this monastery, until the guards came and took me away with the fifty virgins here.

    Matt: where did they take you?

    St. Demiana: To be Tortured. This is me being tortured. They cut my skin, hammered my head, cut my body to pieces, and in the end cut my head off. Then I recieved the crown of martyrdom. (She shows him a really nice crown)

    Matt: Now I understand what martyrs really are, and how important they are.

    (Matt goes back to Sleep and Wakes up to go to the liturgy) (Johny is quite surprised to see him)

    Johny: Is that you Matt?

    Matt: Yea it's me

    Johny: What made you change your mind?

    (Matt sits down with Johny and Abouna and tells them what hapened)

    The End

    Ya i know, quite Weird, and short. Maybe you guyz can revise it and make it longer.
  • billious buddie who have no idea who ur messin with do ya :P...

    PK ur a CHAMPION im sooo sorry about the extremely delayed response :) but yer thanks very very muchly

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