treble cleff

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soo, i know it's not traditional for like a violin or piano to accompany a coptic hymn, but i was just wondering if there is treble clef music out there for anyyy coptic hymn and where i can get it.
thankss much


  • heyy thats so cool that youre trying to do this lol ive tried it once or twice, on the piano this is the only thing i have found

    here is the musical notation to a few hymns

  • ah! thank you soo very much ! (:
    im gonna try to do on my violin...although i really suck....i can still practice . haha.
    thanks again !

    oh: did it work out well with the piano?
  • haha np best of luck lol,

    well i sorta started piecing together gholgotha but then i got kinda stuck so i looked it u and yea it all works fine its just im not a big piano player im a percussionist so i tried it on the piano and it worked pretty well lol
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