Picture of St.Mary & Jesus

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Hey guys, well I know you've seen many pictures with St.Mary carrying baby Jesus on her lap. I was always wondering why one of his sandals is always falling off. Anyone know why?


  • I honestly never noticed that, is that true, or does it look like that? ???
  • lol, just look at any picture near you like that. Not all of them have it I guess but most.
  • Ur talking about coptic icons? Caus it mite look like it caus of the perspective, u know how icons can have weird perspectives sometimes, if u know what i mean...
  • well I'm prety sure..
  • Weird indeed lol, but thats not a coptic icon, i guess it's just a form of art, perhaps a symbol...anybody??? :-\
  • We have a big one in front of the altar in my church of that same pic.
  • so anyone know why??
  • well my uncle told my this but im not sure if its right its the bcuz CHRIST has defeated the world and sandals r considered something from the world or something like that...o now i remember its bcuz HE is not from this world
  • I'm not sure of the veracity of what I heard, but if you look at the angels you'll see one is carrying a cross and the other carrying the spear and the sponge-tipped spear. I heard that our Lord Jesus Christ saw this, and as a child was frightened; so, He attempted to run away breaking the strap on His sandal.

    Please keep me in your prayers,
  • Actually I remember after a weekday liturgy last year during Saint Mary's fast, one of the congregation was asking the priest about it while he was giving out the baraka. He said there was a little story behind it. I don't remember the WHOLE thing lol, but i remember the important part that the picture used to be made with Child Christ wearing both sandals, and there was a person praying and looking at the picture while he was praying, and i think he asked God for a sign so the picture moved and his sandal fell off. And since then, they've been making the picture with that sandal off. I may be a little wrong on the minor details of the story cus it was about a year ago, but thats most of it. Anyway, hope this helped.
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