Pope Shenouda

edited December 1969 in Coptic Orthodox Church
Does anyone have any miracles or other extraordinary doings of H.H. Pope Shenouda, that they can share. It would be great THANKS

In Christ,


  • well, i remember once this magazine, im guessing it was the keraza had a picture of his holiness anointing the icons of a new church and as he passed by Archangel Michael's icon, Archangel Michael moved in the picture and was flying on top of his head, and his hand was like over H.H. and there was like and stuff.

    lol i saw this picture a  few years ago i was like 10? lol so yea thats as much as i remembered from it im gonna look around and see if i can find it
  • I heard him mentioned as an Anachorite....
    but I mean people specially Egyptains tend to
    Over Glorify people they love
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