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Sorry for wasting your time. Just a small question...

Does God have a gender? Becuase they always say "He rose from the dead". He. But then we're referring to Christ right? Becuase Jesus was a man..So therefore God doesnt have a gender? Right?


  • i might be wrong, but since God is spirit, i don't think he is male or female, but i don't know why God sent his SON down, why not a girl, but i think he did send his SON because of the pysical features  ??? not sure
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    You are correct.  God does not have a gender per se.  He manifested Himself as a man, but the reality is, He is neuter (i.e. neither male nor female).
  • the angels are the ame thing rite???

  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Yes.  Angels are also bodiless spirits, so they also do not possess a gender.
  • Thats what stumps me
    like how come Micheal or Gabriel or Rapheal are Guy names only ?
  • Christ, and the Angels manifested themselves as men- why? In the case of Christ- He had to be the second Adam, and it is a paternalistic society, so it was unbecomming for the Logos to come as a female- who would take Her seriously? There are load of reasons actually. For instance, a female prophet claiming to be God would have conferred to much resistance, and her torture would be much premature and different (I would think). Adam was created first, so is the first of the creation of Mankind. Whilst, Christ had to be the first of the new creation and so logically would be a Man (but you could say conventional rules could change etc.)

    Secondly, the Angels are represented as strong warrior like beings fighting against Satan. Now what is the gender that fights in wars- predominantly and perhaps invariably at those times- men. Hence, I would think this is the reason why they manifested as men, and had been given or introduced with masculine names.
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `homt>[/coptic]

    Regarding the names of the angels, I think we should take a deeper look at the meanings of the names.  Granted, the names seem to be masculine, but names can also be thought of as descriptive titles (see Matthew 16:16-19 where Christ gives Simon the name Peter).  I think that is the case with the angels.  Because they are genderless, their names are more descriptive of them and what they do.  For instance, the name 'Michael' means 'Who is like God?'  The name Gabriel means 'man of God' or 'God has shown Himself mighty'.  These descriptions match these angels and their roles, if you will.  Michael is the general of God's army and yet, if we look in Jude (v. 9), Michael invokes the name of God to rebuke Satan.  Gabriel, when he is sent to Zachariah tells him, 'I am Gabriel, who stands in the presence of God...' (Luke 1:19).  So, I think we shouldn't take the names at face value and associate them with gender.
  • As always you bring excellent insight. I am thoroughly impressed (even if I have minor disagreements). Thanks.
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