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Hello all,

I love the art and pictures that hang all around my church, unfortunately the bookstore in my church does not have a very large collection. Is there anywhere online where we can purchase pictures similar to those that hang in our churches??

Thank you


  • Sorry to give this a bump... but can anyone out there help me?

    Thank you all,
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    It looks like you can purchase icons here at The Icon Gallery
  • Thank you very much, Κηφᾶς  this is what I was looking for!
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    You are quite welcome.  I believe that there are other sites out there where you can buy icons as well.  Just do a google search of 'Coptic Icons' or 'Coptic Icon stores' or something.
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