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Ok..does anybody know the complete story of Jacob when he wrestled with God?... this is what i know... God appeard to Jacob, and Jacob wanted a blessing really bad and God was wrestling with him all night ( not like punch, punch, kick, left punch, lol but like Jacob wouldnt let go of him ) then finally in the end of the night, God just hit his right rib or somethign really hard. and he told Jacob, here is your blessing. Any body know the correct and complete story of it?

and my question is, why did Jesus hit Jacob and break his rib? to me that is kinda scary... what do you guys think?...


  • any body know?...
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    The story of Jacob wrestling with God can be found in Genesis 32.  His ribs were not broken, but rather, his femur was dislocated from his hip socket.
  • oh ok, thanks... and im juust wondering... why did God do that?
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    When a person wrestles, this sort of injury can occur.  It just goes to show how strongly Jacob didn't want to let go of God and how much he wanted to cling to Him.  This is how we should be in our spiritual lives.  We should hold onto and wrestle with God so intensely that we too may get His blessings.
  • ok, i understand that, but what i dont understand is why didnt God justlike disappear instead of injuring Jacob just for wanting his blessings?
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    I think it's a lesson for all of us.  It shows us how much Jacob did not want to let go of God, even to the point of accepting injury.  We should be the same way.  We should cling onto God to the point of not just injury but death, as the great martyrs before us have done.
  • thanks alot lol, sorry i didnt get it at first lol.. but you gave a great explanation...
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    No need to apologize.  I'm just glad I was able to help.  :)
  • Dear He Wept,
    excellent response Cevac, may I add another point!!

    When you read the story of Jacob in the Book of Genesis, you will know that he was very terrified of his brother Esso and was in run for his life from him. This situation happened to him because he had stole the blessing and the first born status, from his father Isaac,  that originally belonged to his older brother Esso. He even deployed a scheme, to gain the approval and mercy of Esso, by dividing his men to groups with presents  to proceeds him and his wives and their twelve children. If Esso were to met them they would have to tell him that this is from your brother Jacob who is following us and is eager to meet you!!!. All that time Jacob did not ask God for help or to deliver him from that nasty situation until that night when he saw the dream of open heaven and a ladder between heaven an earth. This is the first time in humanity that anyone to see heaven open after it was shut following the expulsion of Adam and Eve.
    When God appeared and wrestled  with him,  He broke the joint that attach the femur with the hip.  Now you question is why? Sorry for that long start!. If a person would suffer from dislocation of the head of the femur and the hip he won’t be able to walk and need an assistance. God the Almighty wanted to teach him, and later on us, an important lesson as so graphic as breaking his joint that we always lean on Him and come humbly in fervent prayers to ask His help and deliverance.
    We can not walk in our spiritual life except with our hands in God’s Hand or we will suffer the consequences of fall an humiliation.   

  • wow i just noticed some1 posted again. sorry, i havent been on during July alot. and thanks for that point. It explains some more!  :)
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