Can love ever be found on the Internet?



  • lol wattta cheeky dude..u onli proved one thing buddie....uve got plenty time to spare...
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    I googled love and found 881 million matches. So obviously you can find love on the Internet.

    This is nice, but honestly this is not what i meant!

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    lol wattta cheeky dude..u onli proved one thing buddie....uve got plenty time to spare...

  • Pray to God 1st and ask Him for a suitable companion. What happens next is in His hands.
  • [center]im gonna make ot nice and simple

  • Ah, if only things were nice and simple!

    As I have said previously, I have known at least two couples who have found each other on the Internet; whether they found love there is another matter - as their love grew as they got to know each other; but they certainly found each other on this same medium as we explore our understanding of the greatest love of all - His for us sinners.

    In Christ,

  • No one knows maseroh hayouba ah fe el donya.

    Even if we pray for something and we don't get it, then it is for our own best.

    Finding love as a relationship on the internet whether a person you met, or never met in your life..... I believe requires more than just love on the internet, It requires meeting in person, and having to examine how the other side will take the situations that will pass by you when you are with that person.

    Like for example making tea, Mary likes to put the sugar first then the hot tea, but bob likes the hot tea put in first then the sugar.... Is there a right way to this? NO! No matter how you do it, you are still getting tea. and they end up getting a divorce because they didn't sit together and got to know each other face to face.
    I hope no divorces happen because of that reason, but it is an example out of the blue.

    pray for me,

  • Here's a beautiful story of how love can be found on the internet.

  • Dear QT,

    Thanks for the touching story.

    I mentioned the title of this thread to a friend who said that her last relationship broke down because her boyfriend had found his real and lasting love in a mirror! ???

    Makes you think!

  • Ok a few things. I am male aged 20 so this will help you see my perspective.

    1. I don't believe you can find love on the internet. At the end of the day, your partner, whether male or female is not going to be walking around with a computer screen attached to his/ her head! You cannot love, talk, feel or touch a computer screen and equate that with a person. Neither can you see facial expressions, which is imperative to determine their general attitude towards things.

    2. I believe that establishing relationships over the net represents a lack of confidence. Has the man no confidence to approach you and talk to you in real life? If not, is that the person you would like to be with? Will he be able to support you and lead the way? I say NO!

    3. As a woman, do not propose to a man! Please, at least for me!! Yea, a few hints that get the message across are ok so that he gets the point, trust me he will, but DO NOT PROPOSE, AND DO NOT COERCE him into making him feel he needs to propose. When he is ready, he will tell you! Ready financially, mentally, emotionally and so on. Besides, if the woman proposes, who then is the man? Who becomes the leader in the relationship, the strong foundation?! I think it’s scary for the man to be relying on the woman to lead the way!

    4. Where is God in all of this people? God is meant to be our centre focus! We MUST establish a relationship with him first before we can work on our relationships with others. If we cannot maintain a strong, growing and fruitful relationship with our God, as if you can do so with a mere human?
    (Proverbs 4:6 Do not forsake her, and she will preserve you; Love her, and she will keep you.)

    5. Never fear, there is always for those of you who strongly disagree with my perspectives! (Go for gold people!)
  • hi i jus wanted to respond.  umm i dont rely think its a good idea becuz, u dont no the person and they may not be true emotions.  and they could be lying about the absoulute tuth if u no wat i meen.  soo, id juss advice u not to rely do that becuz u may end up on "the other side of teh golf course!"
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    Hey Guys.....
    I have a couple of questions, I need your opnions on them and also expirences (If you'd like to share them).

    1. Can a person find love over the internet?
        A. If so, Can it relate into marriage?
        B. Even if you never met the person?

    2. Can some one who met somebody 2x, talk and get to know each other over the
             internet? and have that relationship relates to marriage?

    3. Can a person get to know another person for love relationship over the internet?

    4. Is the internet one of the good ways to meet that special one?

    5. Does a relationship between two couples work, if they met over the internet?

    6. when getting to know a person, what to you look for in them?

    7. Is DIGNITY important between 2 couples?

    8. What are the major things that are needed for a relationship to work out?

    9. If there are doubts from some body towards their partner, what can they do about it?

    10. Do you belive a girl should propose to a guy? Or even give him hints to go ask for her hand?

    I understand that the internet is not one of the BEST ways to meet someone for a relationship, because the person describe him/her self in a way they see themselves.... and most of the time the way they see themselves is not the way they realy are.  But I still want to know your point of view.  Because just like that saying "ely akbar menak be youm, e3raf akter menak be sana" "who is older than you by one day, knows more than you by a year".

    Adivces and opnions are greatly appriciated,
    Pray for me,

    Would you honestly feel happy about telling your future children that you met their father in a chat room?

    Does that in anyway seem romantic?
  • Interesting topic. Even before even reading your questions, which all seem to be more or less the same, I was thinking the same thing as egy, namely, no.

    Actually, taking a step back from the romantic/marriage point of view, I am not in favor of getting too close to people over the internet (that you haven't met before, whether they live in your state or on the other side of the world), even in a friendly way. Besides what's been said and the paranoid safety view, my big reason is that relationships online just don't have that magical touch that they do in person. This goes for friendships, but especially for a romantic relationship. While one may argue that online relationships helps you know the person better and in a purer sense without being swayed by physical factors, I disagree. I think people online tend to be more of who they would to think they are rather than who they actually are. From meeting someone online, you have to rely only on what the person tells you about themself, and even if they're truthful and have good intentions, sometimes a person can't even accurately describe themself. They will probably tend to expose the positive more than the negative. From online, you don't know simple things about the person like what color their eyes are, how tall they are, how their voice sounds. It seems impersonal (actually, it IS impersonal).

    You don't know how they interact with others, who their friends are, what their friends are like, who their family is, how involved they are at Church, what their personality is really like, how they would like at you in person, how their manner would be toward you.

    All these things sound simple and even irrelevant, but it's these simple, seemingly trivial things that add up and pretty much constitute knowing a person. If you don't know these things, then you don't know the person.

    Now, from a romantic point of view. I like what QT said about the chat room-- not a good example and not a very touching story. If you know the person online only, there will be no breath-taking looks. You will experience a look of love (until you meet, if you do). You won't know what his voice sounds like when he says your name. You won't have much of a real history together. I don't know, I could go on forever.

    I believe it was Abouna Anthony from Washington DC who denied the myth that there is only one person in the person with whom you'll be happy (although we'd all like to think otherwise). Thus, if you search the entire world, you could find too many people you want to marry and be in an emotional dilemma (sounds a bit funny, does't it?  ;D ). I personally believe that you don't have to resort to such measures to find that person-- God will bring them to you in the right time. You probably don't even have to go far-- he's probably someone you've known for years. Maybe he's someone you'll meet next year at a church convention. But don't worry that much, enjoy the single life in the meantime  8) . I don't know where you live, but there are probably plenty of great people right where you live...

    So the summary of this whole response can be summed up in egy's simple: no
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