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  • abosefien,
    so is this where you got ur idea of that forum.

    "Social Network" is NOT a forum people. it's a whole new network that is set for people to view each other socielly. not across words as we mostly do here.
  • wow... i thought this topic was long gone... but it's still surviving  :D
    OK, it also sounds that there is starting to be some positive feedback and push to starting up a Coptic Social & Spiritual Networking site.
    Although it may not work out, it's better to try than not trying at all and leaving the youth stray into various other Social Networking sites.

    I agree with St. Monica when she said [quote author=St. Monica link=topic=5518.msg74907#msg74907 date=1185602741]
    in facebook there is groups for the saints and even i know a priest have a page.

    There is nothing wrong with Social Networking sites. But there are different levels of sites too. I know for a fact that Bebo doesn't have groups of saints.

    So the conclusion of the matter is, we should start up a site and test it for a while and from there either progress and improve on any shortcomings or stop it. But stopping it would essentially mean that we haven't solved the problem and the problem of teenagers using these websites and being exposed to trash is still there. By the way I now know of a mother who has joined up to one of these sites to be able to monitor and speak openly to her kids about it. So this just reinforces that the problem does exist. And it's probably impractical if each mother joins up to these sites! lol (although it would be quite funny).

    So coming from a technical background. I know of an open source module that we can use to get this site going. It's  called
    Live Instance:
    It does still need a lot of customization... but hey, i don't think this forum came with coptic font by default ;)

    Please feel free to express your opinions. And if you come from a technical background please give advice! :)
  • the problem is the Church endorsing something that has a high risk of being abused.
  • ok we have to understand that if someone just looking for trash(bad stuff) he/she can do it in facebook, myspace or all over the internet. so facebook is not the only resores to find trash. everyone need to controle himself. this is my 3rd mounth know in  facebook and i didn't find anything bad about it.
  • [quote author=St. Monica link=topic=5518.msg76263#msg76263 date=1188445270]
    ok we have to understand that if someone just looking for trash(bad stuff) he/she can do it in facebook, myspace or all over the internet. so facebook is not the only resores to find trash. everyone need to controle himself. this is my 3rd mounth know in  facebook and i didn't find anything bad about it.

    This is so true.  Well said Monica.

    Btw, what is everyone's here facebook account? Can we share?  There could be a facebook if you all don't mind.
    Anyone here can create it and everyone can join here. If not, I don't mind doing it.

    I'm talking about the youth. if grown ups want to join, then so be it. LOL

  • that could be yea, i agree, and also, i agree with ST. Monica cuz yea its nto bad ( faccebook ) and i have one, and theres bibles verses on it, bible posters etc. so facebook in particualar i think is not bad. and also its safe
  • I don't see anything wrong with it ... i don't know why people were complaining?

    What did facebook did to them? What do they have against facebook? lol
  • I change my mind.. I think it'd be a good idea.. Don't know successful its gonna be though..

    And I know a certain priest that might not like the idea....
  • [quote author=Hizz_chiilld link=topic=5518.msg76775#msg76775 date=1189583349]
    I change my mind.. I think it'd be a good idea.. Don't know successful its gonna be though..

    Ok, so do I have the permission to start a thread (group) or someone else could do it.  Let me know.
    There could be multiple moderators and organizers and stuff like that.
    Hizz Chiilld - or you could create it and we all can join!! What do you say??

  • i guess that can be a good idea but ke juss for copts.  we should stil have modrsators check on it.  ;D

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • on facebook, you guys could add each other, and make a group, copts. or just Coptic, or somthing? that could be an idea.... andn the groups kinda have moderators or however u liek to call it..
  • good idea that is well i hope. 

    plzz p4m siter in Christ
  • I do not know, i'm not Copt (at least plainly speaking).

    So, I can create this group today if you all want and hand over the 'power' lol to anyone.
    Hizz chiilld, mahraeel, or He Wept.

    About the name, it should be something mysterious, and full of meaning.
    like for tasbeha, i didn't know what it meant... and was expecting of something else... but I was surprised when I was told it meant "Praise". For there is nothing we can add/do to our God except praise Him, and even that... he already has trillions of angels to do it, but Humans were created to praise Him I believe. If we praise Him, it is us who get benefit... we get His blessing, but nothing is added for Him.  His nature by itself is praised. Amen.

    let me know.
  • lol, u have a good wild imagination, and there could be like more then one "officer"/"Moderator w/e.. but all they do is they could put music, videos and like words/ quotes on it..

    and a name could be, Users, i dont know... but im not sure if there would be alot of people form the forum, but just plain ol users would be alot...
  • sdoo.. wats is it goin to be??? :o

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • So, shall it be "tasbeha for Coptic Orthodox Christians" ??

    Let's make the decision fast so we can create the group!  :D
  • well dont hand it to me.l0l but umm well u can join to!! since u r here on 

    not a lot of  pllz r responding
    plzz p4m sisetr in Christ
  • well if u guys ever do getting around to create a group, please Hizz_Chilld ..send me an email or SOMEFING
    and hailemikeal, i recommend that u talk to someone like IQBAL or Miksel, (or any of the moderators and get their permission before making a group that contains the logo of their website and so forth.
  • I will leave ^^^ that part to someone else, but if no one will do it, i shall.

    Then will post the address of the group here.
  • you do it, though I don't have a facebook account.. and i don't really want one. I'll reconsider when I finish my exams.. but for now, make it and post a link to it :)
  • well no one seems to want to do it soo.  u should hailekemikal.  send a private message to like the moderators, and tell them ideas and stuff.  but we must all agree we keep it safe and kleen. 

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • If any spiritual fathers agree with the coptic social network then i don't object, just be assured by a spiritual father; i'm willing to help ;)

  • I was talking about, account... all of us here, especially the youth here, seem so enthusiastic.  No matter how small the number is, it doesn't matter. 

    I've learned many things from this site, and so did others.........

    So, we can create one, and just invite other youths (Coptic, Indian, Syrian, Armenian, Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox followers) to join in the group.  It would be a blessing.
    There are so many other groups created just for the sake of creating them and they are useless with no purpose or aim, except of this world.

    Right now I do not have time to contact moderators, but later on today or tommorow, i might.  If any of you can ask the moderator today if we are allowed to create one, it would be better.

    May the God of Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Joseph, and Yonnas be with us all!
  • OK, for now I have created the group!

    Here is the link:

    If the moderators do not agree, I will delete it.  The name of the group is "".
    If that doesn't fit well, then we can change the name.  Anyone wants to be a moderator here??  ;) ;)

    Go if the moderator of this site want to be the administrator of the facebook group, I would be more than happy to hand it over.

    I just want to see us here over there so we can get to know each other more.

    God bless us all!

    and pray for me.
  • [glow=red,2,300]heyy hailemikael it isw awfuk nice of u to do thiss.  i juss well i dont want to sign uppp yet till we no for  sure that we r allowed to God willingly do the facebook.i hope everything wrks out

    plzz p4m sister in Christ [/glow]
  • [quote author=billious link=topic=5518.msg73728#msg73728 date=1183485520]

    So the conclusion that I have reached is...
    Why doesn't the Coptic Orthodox Church start up a website that promotes social networking in a proper manner.

    that is a great idea! i am with u a 100% on this!
  • ok i joined the group today and it just have 2 and i am the 3rd memeber.
  • So, anyone wants to be a moderator? Officer?
    Or an administrator?? 

    Just let me know.

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