Lying is good?

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Hey guys, well I have a question and I hope someone can help. Ok, well is lying for good right or wrong?? For example, someone asks you to do something for them that needs lying like talking for them to someone pretending that its them because they may not be able to. I mean, you're not doing it for a bad cause but I think that it still may be wrong because any type of lying is probably a sin. Another example is if someone for example did something wrong and you say that you did it so they don't get in trouble. All sorts of lying like that. It's being done in a good way but it's still lying. What do you guys think?


  • lying is never good even if it was for a good cause like for friends.. it still lying.. sorry.. :(
  • there such thing as a white lie? :-\ for example, telling an elderly sick mother that her son is alright while in reality he is sick or dead or something just so she wont worry and get sicker. I mean, telling her the truth could harm her even more than lying to her, right?
  • my brethren,
    even any lie is bad, white, black or purple...
    quick verse
    "the mouth of those who speak lies shall be stopped."
    psalm 63
    i asked my FOC bout white lies, how the truth can do more harm than Good, but he told me lying in any form is bad,

    so i promised to do that unluckly for me its was the easter mass and my sis ehos now 20 got dressed up and asked me if she looked Good...lets just say it didnt end well.

    but in all seriousness, it is wrong, and we must persevere, and remain true and strong...either that or avoid answering the question...
  • um...for the whole sis and how she looked kinda thing, there is a big difference between lying and being nice. cuz u could tell a person the truth without being so harsh on them. like u can say, " ur hair is nice, but maybe change that dress, the other one looks nicer" or something. there is a verse int he bible about nice responses, but I cant remember wat it was exactly.
  • Yeah, I see what you're saying. You can either be blunt about something, or nice, and either way, you're telling the truth. Nice example SisterInChrist. ;)
  • My FOC once told me that instead of using white lies, I could be sly to get around certain areas of conversation that may need a white lie. It actually really helps.

  • yep sleepy, like i said avoid the question...
    good stuff

  • I wonder, why we we speek about things which is strictly
    forbidden in the bible. Always the truth a sign of straight
    and good people.
  • Well I wasn't exactly aiming for white lies like lying about how someone looks or something. It's more like helping someone out with a lie. Like, your mom doesn't speak english or something, so she asks you to call someone for her and say that it's her because she can't do it and it may be important. So what would you say, "no"?
  • I'd say it's ok to do that, cuz ur helping out the person, and u have their permission to do it. I'm sure God wont mind if u help ur mom....I think
  • I see what the both of you are saying, and the thought of it is innocent, but the consequence may lead you to some trouble. It might become a habit, maybe this person that you called starts calling a lot or something, then you'll get stuck with pretending it's your mother. Or what if it's concerning a job, you can't go to work for her, so, sure the thought is sweet, but maybe not the consequences.
  • Is lying good? Once again the question isn't sufficient enough to be answered properly. Ever heard of innocent lies, we say innocent lies to create a facade, meaning to put a pretty surface over a not soo pretty thing or incident. Or it can be lying in as being shifty and greedy and that is for sure against our religion. Aint it??
  • good point hustler
    God bless you man
  • I'm confused ???
  • +if your mom wants you to make a phone call for her and she doesn't speak english then you pick up the phone, call whoever it is, and say "Hello, my name is ________, i am the son/daughter of ____________, I will be speaking on his/her behalf because that person cannot speak english and i'll be translating for them." it me, i've tried.

    +A lie is a lie, you could try to call it watever you wanna call it. You could name it Bob if you want, its still a lie.

    +Most of the time we lead ourselves into these situations where we need to use these "white lies." Think about it...if we really had the motive to not lie and really didn't want to, then we would do anything possible to not get into those situations and we would do anything possible to get out of them once we're in. And you know good and well that wen we wanna do something, we do it.

    +If a sick elderly woman asks about her dead son, then you tell her he's safe right now, and he's very happy and joyfull. Your not lying because he is safe because he is with Christ. We may not know for a fact if he went to heaven or hell, but as Christians we have faith that we can make it, and we assume the better for our brethren.

    So yea, do what you can to get out. You know you can do it, and you don't need these white lies. They're wrong, and no matter what anybody on this site tells you, deep down you still know their wrong. even if its a white lie like your mom lying to your dad about something you did so that he doesn't hit you. Just remember wen your asking your mom to lie for you that she's going to be held accountable for that.....and God is going to judge her for that. And it'll be because of you because you asked her to lie. anyway, sorry for blabbing, hope you get the point, and guys at least ONE thread, try to stay on topic loll.

    In Christ,
  • [quote author=Paulh link=board=1;threadid=544;start=15#msg9309 date=1093263777]

    +Most of the time we lead ourselves into these situations where we need to use these "white lies." Think about it...if we really had the motive to not lie and really didn't want to, then we would do anything possible to not get into those situations and we would do anything possible to get out of them once we're in. And you know good and well that wen we wanna do something, we do it.

    That isn't always true. When someone wants your opinon for something, and you don't really like whatever is at hand, you didn't exactly lead yourself into the situation. You weren't sitting there screaming " ASK MY OPINON, ASK MY OPINON!!"

    Ok, I know I'm exaggerating a bit, but my point just lies where you don't always lead yourself to all the situations that lead you to lie. Although, whatever situation it might be, you always have the option of telling the truth, but in the case that someone's feelings are at hand, or it's your personal business, that wasn't a pitfall that you intentionally stepped in, you slipped into it, now you have to find a way to climb out. And how you do it is up to you.

  • u no i think that last one u said about lyin n sayin u did somtin when someone else did it is not a sin because u are helping someone n helpin is deff not bad so i think ur question is answered ;D
  • Can you restate that for me, you lost me.

  • lying is never 2 cuz even though the ppl who u r telling the lie to think ur telling the truth God sees and hears everything! am not ssaying that i have never lied b4 its a bad habit am trying 2 get rid of....but lying always takes parts of christ away from you that you have built inside you...there area many ways to say sumthing to a person without lying...but many of us use the easy why out which is what the devil luvs....besides everything will come out y day....maybe not to your friends.....but i promise God will confront you one day and ask you why you didnt choose another path which there always is....bye :D
  • That's a good way to look at it.

  • I think PaulH did a great job of explaining why lying is bad on all occasions. Although I don't want to agree with you, you are right. And I love the way arubaiscrazy thinks, because that's a great way of putting it. Two things though, if a friend asks you whether the outfit she's buying is nice or not always tell her the truth, if it's ugly then you should tell her. I think it's better that she hears it from a friend than from someone she doesn't even know. (That hurts much more) Wait though don't get me wrong, I don't want you to hurt his or her feelings, but tell the truth. Or maybe it's just not your style. Somethings are things you wouldn't wear, but they're your friend's style. YOu can just be like that's your style. That's an answer. I'm one of those people that if one of my friends told me they didn't like my shirt but I liked it, I'll respect them for their opanion, but as long as I like it, hey I really don't care. lol (sorry). ;D

    Ok, and for the lying to get someone out of trouble, although I hate saying this, it's wrong too. The devil is always trying to trick us into falling in trouble, and although it seems like a nice thing, it isn't always. Okay let me put it this way. Let's say you covered for a friend, but there was a witness there you didnt know about. So the witness tells the truth, and proves that you were lying. That can get your friend in more trouble, and maybe even get you in trouble. If you really want to help the friend, convince them not to do the wrong thing in the first place, and if they already did it, talk to them about how it's wrong, and maybe try to get them out of trouble by talkin to the person that's gonna get him or her in trouble. You never know how powerful the truth is, because trust me once you start lying, it's really hard to stop. And a lie will come back to get you wether you like it or not.

    God Bless you all :)!!!
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