St. Abraam

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Hey everyone!

well this Sunday is the feast of Anba Abraam Bishop of Fayoum and Giza!

well this saint is very dear to my heart and i wanted to kno if any one has any links to songs, his doxology, or you know taraneem for him in Coptic, Arabic, and English. it would be great to have things like that for during communion at church so yea thanks in advance everyone and God bless.

In Christ,


  • thanks thats awesome! if anyone else can find anything else that would be great
  • Verses of cymbals:

    [coptic]Wouniatk qen oume;[email protected] peniwt =e=;=u `[email protected] abba Abraam pi`pickopoc pimenrit `nte P=,=c.[/coptic]

    Blessed are you indeed, our father the righteous Saint, Abba Abraam the Bishop, the lover of Christ.

    [right]طوباك بالحقيقة يا أبانا القديس البار انبا ابرآم الاسقف حبيب المسيح.[/right]
  • thats awesome does any one know where i can get the madeeha for him? cause i kno its in the books buy i cant read arabic! thanks a lot minagir!
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