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this is poped into my head

is it rude to tell  someone that they are rude?



  • That would depend entirely upon how you did it; it is perfectly possible to tell someone that you (and perhaps others) perceive something they have done as being impolite, or even rude - but seldom a good idea to do so in a rude way yourself.

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  • i dont think its necessary to call someone rude, there are other contructive ways of describing inpolite and inappropraite behaviour. most people see rude as an insult and will take offence. its not essentially rude to tell someone their rude but there is more than one way of sending the msg. sometimes you need to separate the person from the behaviour, so the person isnt rude but their comment use.
  • thanks for the comments,  ;D

  • hmm.. well if yu are simply recongnising something that someone else did and letting them know for their own benifit.. then i dont think theres anything wrong with it... anything other than that is wrong.
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