Amnon, Absalom, and Tamar

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hey guys

i just read chapter 13 in the book of Samuel and and i am so confused!!!

who is Amnon [was he Tamar'a cousin] and did he rape her?

is Absalom Tamar's brother and did he tell amnon to trick the king David and tell him that he is sick and that he would like tamar to baker him so cakes, then he tricked her and then force him to sleep with him?

last question: why did Absalom order the servants to kill Amnon if he told him to lay down with Tamar?

sry if nonw of these are correct...



  • Amnon is david's son who raped tamar and was killed by Absalom. Tamar was david's daughter. and absalom was another son of David. so tamar, amnon and absalom were siblings.
  • tamar was described as a beautiful sister and Amnon fell in love with her. Amnon had a friend who was described as a very crafty man. this crafty man is Jonadab, this man suggests a way in which amnon can get tamar into his bed. ok then both david and Absalom find out and neither punish amnon at that time. two years later Absalom kills amnon, the plot to kill amnon is a similar plot to when amnon raped tamar, in that David is persuaded to send the victim to the "crime scene".
    the question is was Absalom with the help of jonadab the mastermind behind both?
  • thats guys

    thats still what i dont undertamnd why would Absalom tell his brother tyo rape thier sister?

    that Absalom got mad they Amnon raped Tamar, he told him to!

    thanks for the replies

  • Hi guys,

    This is my first post!

    I'd just like to know exactly where in this chapter it says that Absalom was behind his own sister, Tamar, being raped by their half-brother, Amnon?

    I've read through it and cannot find any reference to this... All I can see is that Jonadab, their cousin, was the instigator (verses 3-6).

  • ok firstly, WELCOME *$AnDrEw*$ lol

    1) where abouts does it say that jonadab was a counsin? i always thought that he was amnon's friend and absaloms man
    2) i made the assumption/implied that Absalom was behind both scenarios as the plot for both was very similar, David basically sent tamar and amnon to the lion's den......
    3)why did absalom wait two years to take revenge for his sister? unless it was part of his strategic plan to be next in line to the throne
    4) i dont think any brother wouldve approved to his sister being raped, but amnon obviously showed a sign of weakness and it was clearly known that such incidents were unacceptable
  • Thankyou kerestina!

    2 Samuel 13 doesn't actually use the word "cousin"; it says

    [quote=2 Samuel 13:3]But Amnon had a friend whose name was Jonadab the son of Shimeah, David’s brother.

    Jonadab is only mentioned in this chapter in 2 Samuel and at no point does it say that Absalom had any dealings with Jonadab. Therefore, as far as I can tell, Absalom had nothing to do with his sister being raped.

    Also, 2 Samuel doesn't mention a "strategic plan" as such until around chapter 15. So, using my limited understanding, I would say that killing Amnon was purely reactive (even though he took 2 years to carry out the murder and I have absolutely no idea why).

    Regarding point 4, I agree with you 100%!!

    God bless,
  • Helloooooooooo Andrew,

    ok, yeah your right there was no strategic plan but not even David trusted Absalom. Jonadab was the link between the two incidents right? why would he help amnon satisfy his pleasures and then kill him later. in regards to ur question about jonadab's involvment in the death of amnon, how cud jonadab know amnon was dead wen he told king david unless he was aware of the plan nort wud he beeen able to defend absalom.

    "now therefore, let not my lord the king take the things to his heart, to think that all the kingds sons are dead. for only amnon is dead".

    God bless n take care
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