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Hey guys i just want to remind everyone to keep all those who will be taking exams these next couple of weeks in your prayers. i am sure we all need all the prayers that we can get.

God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness,


  • Abona once told me that..............
    Each subject should have a shafe3, like math is baba kyrollo, english st. mary, Biology omena ereny.... sooo on....
    and it works
    Besides.......... el baba kyrollos is shafe3 el talaba
    Please pray for me,
  • i will keep that in mind thanks bentBABAyasooa i used to do that a while ago but stopped. i will defintly start that again
  • el baba kyrollos is shafe3 el talaba

    Speaking of that... I've got two hymns that I used to listen to when I was in Yr 12 Exams.
    Here are the two hymns for Pope Kyrillos and Exams - Shafea eltalaba - Pope Kyrillos Exams

    They are hymns that really lift you up when ur stressed with all your exams. They give so much hope!!
  • Remember, we weren't put on this earth to study and get top marks !!
    that doesnt mean you should neglect your studiess... BUT you should always make God first... minimum time you should give God is 2.4 hrs a day !!! [tithes] you OWE Him that much.. don't get too carried away ! I hope that God's will in your life will happen.. and i hope that you can accept it's His will, whether it seems good or bad to you.
    +God Bless.
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