Your Father of Confession

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How do you know yours is the right one for you?


  • i guess my best advice to you is you know the priests in you church or think you know them. Who do you feel most comfortable talking to about everything? and if that person is not in your church he might in the church in the city next to you or the state next to you
    just look around and you will just feel he is the one that you can talk to about everything
  • Personally, what I do. I just consider abouna one of my friends, and I consider him one of "us". Now, by saying that, I don't mean that I joke with him exactly the way that I do with my tight friends, I respect him, and respect his authority, but I also think of him as someone who respects me, and loves me as his daughter right back. When you can think of a priest like that, you'll loosen up to him, and find that telling him things aren't so troubling anymore.

  • Well just keep in your mind that abouna is a kind, loving person that reflects the image of Christ. You are going to confess to abouna so that God may forgive you your sins, it doesnt matter which abouna you confess to.....because a lot of times you will find that with many abounas it will be hard to confess, not because of the abouna necessarily, but because confessing ones sins is a hard thing in itself even if you do have an ideal relationship with him. Remember that any abouna loves you as Christ loves His children, so there is nothing to worry about in confession :)
  • When you confess; you are confessing to God, not really to Abouna. He is just the mediator.
  • i know this seems hard but tell him, my foc i knew sice b4 he was a priest, we were really close, but recently we've been drifting apart and i want to be honest and tell him, another way to get close is to alwaz be honest in confestion like bluntly honest and alwaz ask 4 guidance...
  • don't you think that by being very honest with your foc it can lead to problems?
    like yesterday i had to carry out a decision he asked me to do which ppl didn't like, but when they spoke to him about it he said i made the decision. ppl said some horrible stuff to me and it made me feel bad cos i was saying horrible stuff about him. i wanna say something to him but am scared its gonna affect my realtionship with him.
    wot do u guys think?
  • Tell him the truth about the whole thing. Don't leave out anything so that he'll know what led to what.

  • I love my father of confession but after confessing I feel that he thinks of me differently..I know that's not true but it just feels that way.
  • [quote author=ServantOfJesus link=board=1;threadid=529;start=0#msg8732 date=1092445357]
    I love my father of confession but after confessing I feel that he thinks of me differently..I know that's not true but it just feels that way.

    I used to think that too, but I mean that's nearly impossible, after all, the father doesn't think of his son any less when he admits his wrongs.
  • i have the same problem as marmar i just cant tell him everything about me and since my church only has one priest i guess im stuck so every time i say to myself that im gonna tell him this time but i just cant do it
  • well think of it this way...Your Father of like your Heavenly Father....its hard for us to confess some sins sometimes as we may be ashamed or shy..that aboona might have a bad idea about us...well whether we confess it to aboona or not....God knows everything that we if we are ashamed from our "earthly aboona" we should be more ashamed when we dont confess our sins..from our "heavenly father" who will judge the whole world.

    No matter how many times we fell, how much sins we fell in, what types of sin we fell in, God always loves His children...and He is just waiting for us to come back and return to Him, He doesnt care what sins you did as long as you truly repent from them..He will forget them as if they never happened before.... "though your sins be as scarlet they shall be as white as snow" (Isaiah 1:18) which aboona you confess to really shoudnt matter

  • Indeed, im very pleased about all what written about that.
    It is for a great wisdom in our church to have Father of
    Confession. When he was ordinated he took the power
    from God to liberate us from all the sins we do. As well he
    gives the advice for every weekness. So it is not correct to
    hide any sin. He will never remember any thing at all after
    confession. As well God knowes well our weakness. So we
    must obey him . Also im very pleased when read that we
    shy from ourselves infront of him and not shy from God.
    Anyhow we always pray not to lead us into temptation but
    deliver us from the devil.
  • PrincessMary,
    excellent reply!
  • thanks..i hope it helped a little :)
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