I need your prayers

hello everybody... there is a boy in my class who is at the hospital and could die anyday... even now. so i am asking for all your prayers. i know with the help of God he will be ok.. so please pray for him  :(


  • He is in my prayers - and may the Lord comfort His family and friends.

    In Christ,

  • May God and may Pope Kyrillios help the boy and bless him.He is in my prayers.

  • thats so sad!

    may the intersections of Saint Mary be with this boy

  • Is there any news of this young boy?

    In Christ,

  • oh yea, sorry for not replying back, i just noticed your post

    yes... he is in great shape now, he is back to normal... thanks for all your prayers!
  • That is good news indeed; thank you for letting us know.

    In Christ,

  • thats great news that hes doing fine! Praise God!
    can we please remember a girl in our coptic family who just lost her dad today :( Rabena ye aweeha
  • oh  :(, im sorry to hear that, May God be with her, and may God let her know that he has taken him to a much better place.  :( :( :(
  • Oh im sorry! May God be with her and her family..and its good to hear that that boy is doing well. =]
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