Hello everyone.

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Hi, my name is nate, and I am a believer in the gospel of our glorious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

My parents tried to raise me as a liberal Mennonite, but I rebeled from a young age. I ended up as a philosophical satanist and drug addict. After severe mental health issues I managed to quit drugs, but still had no faith or contro over my worldly desires.

I came to respect the faith and practices of some Christians, but thought that they were fooling themselves.

After several experiences with the Holy Spirit, and reading the New Testament for myself without the preconcieved biases that I had before the Spirit started its work, I realized that I had been called by the Grace of the one and only Triune God, to the service of His Will.

I searched for the right Church, and despite every atempt to look elsewhere, ended up beeing convicted that the Reformed Presbyterian Church that the woman who is now my wife attended was the corect one for me.

I have learned a great deal from the Reformed Church and am still a member and regularly attend. However, while Reformed Theology has been a wonderful guide in balancing out some of the shortcomings of my liberal Mennonite upbring, I have found that there is much that is also missing.

I am not interested in joining another Church, Unless that is the will of God, but seek to find places where I can dialogue and worship with fellow believers, who come from different Theological backgrounds and traditions.

peace and Grace,


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    Welcome Nate,

    I pray you find these forums useful and insightful and you continue to grow in Christ.  Welcome and I look forward to your posts.


    thankx for sharing your experiences..........an amazing and awesome conversion

    God bless and its wonderful to have u in our midst

  • Thank you all,
  • Dear Nate,

    You have been on a long and difficult journey, and still have a ways to go; but if the Lord has guided you here, you may be sure it was of a purpose; what that purpose is you will find out in His good time - but be assured of our prayers, and our best wishes - and please post any questions you have; the good people here will do what they can to help.

    Within the Catholic Church seven sacraments are defined, and we have tended to take up that notion in some Orthodox circles - but in fact all that we do for Christ is a sacrament - and one of the most important is that we share the love He has for us with all mankind.

    You have been fortunate in finding a good and godly woman with whom to share your life and its journey - may He guide you both.

    With all blessings,

  • Welcome Nate,

    I'm glad to see you've joined us. I know you'll find this site very informative; everyone here will love to help. I pray that God answers all your questions and that you find peace in him.

    God Bless,
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