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I have a question...Before there was man according to "science" there were dinasours... but they lived milions of years ago..... and "science" says that the Earth is about 3.4 billion years old. But why was there all those things before man.. like the dinasours?? Is it maybe because he did everything in 6 days and he made us on the 6th day after he created all the trees, the fruits the animals and all the wonderfull things of Paradaise?? And one day of the 6 days he made us is in Gods time.. ( like right now we're still living on the seventh day which God has rest-which Pope Shenouda said- because the Bible never said there was an end to the seventh day) back to my point lol- im just curiuos... What do you think?


  • Now i don't mean to sound harsh but i don't think this is the right place to ask this question. Not because it is inappropriate or anything but because i doubt anyone on this site can give you a reason why God made Dinisours before he made us. This would be a question better asked to your FOC or a bishop or someone that will have some knowledge on the subject. There is even a chance that they cannot answer this question because of course they don't know why God did it either because they were not there. Sorry this was probably of no help. One possible thing is that God was paving the path for the animals we interact with but this of course has nothing to back it up. just a thought.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • yea i know that no1 would prob. answer this but i was just askin what they thought
  • Oh well my apologies. i thought you were asking a sincere question that is quite valid. Again very sorry
  • lol.. its ok.. you were kinda right anyways lol... but i just like to hear what pple would say.. it kinda maes me think... and its weird that we are still living in the seventh day of God resting

    Also...its also hard to think about that there was no begining for God..he was just there.. its like putting the ocean in a small cup.. though its posible you think.. ( possible through God ) lol
  • Dear He Wept,
    I think my opinion is that we can't define the times. It is God's creation (yes, even time itself). We can't come to know why dinosaurs first, how long they really lived, or whatever questions, and science can never know why the first day in the history of nature was longer than the second, or vice versa; I am not an expert, but all I want to say is that it is no use keeping ourselves busy with these questions, which may never be answered. It will only tire our brains out, and not get us anywhere.
    God bless you and mention me in your prayers.
  • I love unanswered questions, questions we'll never have answers for while we're trapped in these 'soul cages'. They are a reminder of how much there is that our brain cannot comprehend, how small we are, and just how BIG or Lord is.

    Look forward to the day your soul cage can no longer hold your soul, all your questions, as insignificant as they will be.. will not remain unanswered.
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