what do you do?

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are you studying, schooling, working?
im working in retail and finished school last year (i think)


  • hi
    i'm studying chemestry and i will finnish this year in sha2 allah
    afterwards i don't know what to do
  • highschool, nearly entering my lsat year of highschool (the year that matters the most) and i  really need all of your prayerrs!!
  • Isn't the year before last the most important year? or at least that's how it is here.
  • nope not down here.. nothing really matters until the big 1-2. 
    I STUDY STUDY STUDY..  I want it to end :'(
  • [quote author=kyrillos02 link=topic=5208.msg69823#msg69823 date=1176686774]
    Isn't the year before last the most important year? or at least that's how it is here.

    yes as HIZZ CHILD SAID yr 12 is the most important, where u are assesed (HSC) and that marks determins which uni and course u may get into..yr 11 is well...A WASTE OF TIME..(but should be used effectively)
  • imma studying social work n workin in the youth sector (welfare)..........in regards to tha HSC or last yr of skooling its only the be all end all for egyptians..........life begins after school and there is a vast range of opportunities......not that id say the last yr was a waste but people perceive as so important they stresssssss big time.......n i mean big time..............
  • true but always garanting ur spot the faster (wouldnt say better)way around us always beter!
  • faster huh?we all want to complete studying while we're young but there is way too much emphasise on the last yr..........ppl go frantic when the results come out.........the HSC guides in determining what u wish to pursue IF u want to go to uni.....for some careers uni isnt the best place......such as trades.........the UAI is just a rank its not a TRUE reflection of how well u have strived to.......its bad if u go to a sucky skool, coz if the grade is falling, so will u..........

    anyways, we shall discuss this further anotha time n place

    God bless n take care
  • I am 2nd year in Pre-Med school!
    ensha allah doctora ba3d 10 yrs!!! :'(

    pray for me,
  • 10 years!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaah rabena ma3aki

  • i am a second year university student,studying civil engineering.
    i have got exam on monday,pray for me so that i do wel.
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