efrahe ya miram

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hay guys :)

i was just wonderind if any of you know where i can find efrahe ya miram


andrew ;D


  • u hav the words for it????
    plz ;D
    byez ;)
  • words:::
    ( to the best of my ability to make it sound like the real arabic word.... )

    Ifrahi ya mariam ol abdaa wa'l om ol lina' ela'azi fi higriki al malakitoo to sabehahoo wal sherubim yazgodoona laho bi istihkiakin wal Serafim o bi gayr fitoor

    laysa laana dalah ind rabena yasoo al masieh siywa tilbatooki wa shafatooki ya saiedatana kolona a sayed waledato el ilah

    Likay nosabehaka ma'aa sherubim wa'l seraphim sarekheena kaeleen:

    Quddoos Quddoos Quddoos ayoha aa'l raab al dabet ol kool al samah waa'l ardoo mamlooatani min magdika waa'aa karamatika

    Nasalooka yabn ala'ah an tahfaz hayat patriarkina el babaa anba shenouda ra ees al ahbar sabetahoo al'aa korsee

    if another bishop is present you add this line.. {wa sharikaho fil khidma al rasoolia abeena al mokara'am il bar anba (...) sabitahoo al'aa korsee}
  • thanku very much ;D
    is there a coptic versoin??
    bye ;)
  • ummm im not sure...but i can give u the engligh...
  • Of course there's the coptic version; its called Ounof emmu Maria

    i cant do the fonetic for u, caus it'll be hard for u to read, i'm used to the fonetic dutch lol, but u can find it in any Deacons service book...
  • matt matt, how could i find it in a deacons service book, if im not a deacon?? ;D....lol jkz
    yayay i knew that there was one in Coptic ;D
    if anyone has it in coptic i would appreciate it ;D
    ThAnX ;) ;)
  • ye i know its supposed to be there but in all the liturgy books ive ever seen its never there...
    ;) :P
  • [coptic]Ounof `mmo Mari`a @ ]bwki ouoh ]mau @ je vyet qen pe `amyr @ niaggeloc cehwc `erof.

    Ouoh ni,erobim @ ceouwst `mmof axiwc @ nem niceravim qen oumetatmounk.

    ``Mmon `ntan `nouparryci`a @ qaten Pen=o=c Iy=c P,=c @ ,wric netwbh nem ne`precbi`a @ `w ten=o=c `nnyb tyren ];e`otokoc.

    Hina `ntenhwc `erok @ nem ni<eroubim nem niCeravim @ enws `ebol enjw `mmoc.

    Je `,ouab `,ouab `,ouab @ ~P=o=c pipantokratwr @ `tve nem `pkahi meh `ebol @ qen pek`wou nem pektai`o.

    Ten]ho `erok `w ~Uioc :eoc @ e;rek `areh `e`pwnq `mpenpatriar,yc @ papa abba (Senouda) piar,y`ereuc @ matajrof hijen pef`;ronoc.[/coptic]

    Rejoice O Mary handmaid and mother, for the angels praise Him who is in your arms.

    The cherubim worthily worship Him and the Seraphim also without ceasing.

    We have excuse before our Lord Jesus Christ but your prayers and intercessions, our lady, the lady of us all, the mother of God.

    That together with the Cherubim and the Seraphim, we praise You crying out and saying:

    Holy, Holy, Holy O Lord the almighty, heaven and earth are full of Your glory and honor.

    We ask You, O Son of God, to keep the life of our Patriarch, Abba Shenouda, the high priest. Confirm him upon his throne.
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