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Hey guys, I recently found out that when you confess, you HAVE to confess also to the person who you sinned against or it's not forgiven. I knew that you SHOULD do that but I didn't think that you had to. So now, am I going to have to remeber everything I did to everyone?? ???


  • Hey,

    It depends on the sin, always consult your FOC to see what their opinion is. Explain the situation and see what they say. ;)

    God bless,

  • Well I think that it speaks about the things that you do to harm someone in a physical or emotional way, which you either apologize for right away, or you keep in your mind as something that is bothering you. Usually you will know because that's something that's not easily forgotten....a fight between friends, hurting someone's feelings..etc, etc,..

    Most of our sins are against God in a way, and by confessing and repenting to adouna, that is a way of getting forgivness for our sins...hope that helped.

  • Thanx, but I'm talking about lying. I'm really not worried about hurting anyone because I usually apologize or I'll remeber because it's not something you would forget. But lying, I don't remeber everything I lied about so will I have to go and correct every single lie that I did in the past now?
  • Well, then again, has that lying directly hurt that person?

  • quick verse..
    "Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. " Mt 5:23-24

    if you confess but still haven't made peace with the party u've sinned against, according to Christ, you shouldn't partake in Holy Communion until peace is restored.. for not only your sake.. but his/hers...
  • woe amazin question!! ;) ;) ;)
  • I don't mean the lying where you hurt anyone :) just useless how much i ate today or something..
  • That didn't hurt anyone that you need to confess it to them. That's none of their business. Did they tell you when they lied about their shoe size, etc, does it matter?
    There are certain things that people need not know, and this, I think, can be one of them.

  • iriny, i think if it really bothers you that much u should tell the person u lied to them for now on and that whatever you remeber you you should do that to. but dont beat yourself up trying to rember everything scince you forgot its not your fault. there is a verse that says when i forgive i forget i forgot the refrence sry but i hope that helps
  • [quote author=ServantOfJesus link=board=1;threadid=515;start=0#msg8451 date=1091853381]
    I don't mean the lying where you hurt anyone :) just useless how much i ate today or something..

    Is this an intentional exaduaration or a mistake, that makes a difference because the devil likes to tear our conciences to pieces over nothing sometimes but again ask your father on a case by case basis until you learn. ;)
  • ok, im sorry and im gonna veer a little offt opic tho, cuz i have a question about confession and i dont want to start a new forum for it, keep it all together:
    i know we're supposed to tell abouna everything we do, but i want to seriously know, is that possible? i mean abouna's a human too and theres just some things that i believe shold be kept between u and God alone.
    if u cud all put some input here it wud be a great help! thanks in advance
  • But since God isn't on the earth with us, he put abouna as a messenger between us and him so we have to tell him everything to be forgiven. Also, God wants us to tell all as a sign of humility and guilt and that we may never turn to it again.

  • i understnad that, but i mean dont u think that if we are truly so shameful about telling abouna that we have already realized our guilt and know not to do it again?...
  • Telling abouna is a good way to gain advice over something, so u get an id about how to stop committing the specific sin, and remember that God is the one listening, He's the one ur confessing to, not abouna, he's just representing God. Once u tell ur priest about that hard-to-tell-thing u will feel so relieved rite after :)
  • "When i forgive i forget"
    im sure u all heard it before, just thought id mention it ;D
    BTW, Wat an interesting thread
    KeEp It ReAl ;)
  • exactly my point.. when god forgives, he forgets.that may not be the same case with abouna, i mean seriously guys, hes humann too
  • abouna is a representative of God on earth..abouna has NO right to punish you or be mad at you..God does..So if a preist gets mad at you for something that's not how it's supposed to work. He might be dissapointed but not in a way that you'd be scared to tell him again.
  • Guess what, when abouna finishes confessions, he forgets everything that we tell him, and anyway, they hear all kinds of sins from many people, don't be so harsh on yourself. ;)

  • i never really new that u had to tell the person u sinned against ???
    thats new 4 me but dont u think abouna would have told us that during confession that we would have to tell the certain person?
    o ill investigate.... :D
    k peace

    ~*da queen*~
  • I read lots in this thread but I would like to explain something:

    Confession's main fruits are:

    1. forgivness of sins:
    When you are sitting with Abouna you are actually sitting with Abouna and God, and Abouna acts as a lawyer and a judge, he will judge to see if you really are repenting or not and during confession your sins will be forgiven and the Priest offers you the Absolution which makes all the sins that you confessed forgiven before God. And this is very biblical, here are some verses:

    a.James 5:16 Confess your trespasses[5:16 NU-Text reads [Therefore confess your sins.] ] to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

    b.1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness

    c.John 20
    22And when He had said this, He breathed on them, and said to them, "Receive the Holy Spirit. 23If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained."

    2.Soloution for problems:

    Priest gives you Absolution like we said and a soloution, the soloution is to how to overcome if this sin, he gives you advice and routines you should develop, to overcome the sin.

    3. Humility

    It breaks your pride allowing you to repent and to really talk to God through the Priest; humility is one of the fruits developed by having a confession when the Priest sees you and knows you rather than behind the curtain confession.

    Well that's all that is on my mind right now, ttyl ppl

  • Yea, we know that part about it, but correct me if I'm wrong, ServantOfJesus was asking about confessing to the person you wronged. While Coptic Defender has a major point, we also should find out more about the question at hand cause now I'm curious! lol :)

  • Confessiong or apologyizing?
  • Confessing the sin to the person whom you commited the sin against, although I still think that it's none of their

  • so what do you guys think?? ??? I decided that I'm just going to start following that now because it's impossible to remeber and I didn't know so..
  • Guess what, when abouna finishes confessions, he forgets everything that we tell him, and anyway, they hear all kinds of sins from many people, don't be so harsh on yourself.


    I dont think abouna can really forget everything you tell him wen its something as important as wat im hesitating to tell him. and i can understnad they hear everything from adultery to murder n stuff but its just not the same. especially becaue i know abouna would never expect something like this from me. im not bragging or saying im a goody-goody but i know for a fact that this wud be the last thing to come to his mind wen he thinks of me.. i gues thats why im so hesitant, imafraid he'll be too surprised and tell myparents out of concern, but i dont want them to know, theyre last people id want to cnofront with such news...
  • Hi ppl, (long tikme no post from me so i am abit rusty)

    yousef, let me tell u somethen,
    Abouna i.e.ur confession father has been through alot and i can garantee you that what ur hiding from him, he has heard off some one else, man , abouna has been through( that is heard in confession) all the sins u can imagine and more, there is nothing he hasnt heard of, so pl dont keep anything from him.
    The devil doesnt like being revealed, whe nu confess that dark hidden sin, u reveal him and bring to light his works, its like trying to steal when some is pointing one big torch at u and calling every 1 to see what u r donig.

    so PLZ keep nothing hidden from Abouna
    Any different massege is fro mthe devil trying to cover up his work

    God be with you
  • i dont know..i understnad everyone and wat ur trying to say but for some reason im still not convinced... its not that im scared or i dont want ot tell abouna, its just i dont tihnk im ready for any questions he'll ask or any confrontations...
  • I see what you mean..some things I get scared to tell him but I always put in my mind the thought that if I don't tell him, I'm a step closer away from God and closer to Satan so I really wouldn't want satan to defeat me.
  • [quote author=sleepymusician link=board=1;threadid=515;start=15#msg8598 date=1092175373]
    Guess what, when abouna finishes confessions, he forgets everything that we tell him, and anyway, they hear all kinds of sins from many people, don't be so harsh on yourself. ;)


    Haha, my FoC in Egypt everytime I go into the room and tell him "Mesh fakerny ya 2ods Abouna?" I think he could probably swear he'd never seen me before.....

    I find it funny...yet kinda sad

    well God Bless

  • i went to confession today and abouna forget all the other stuff i sed b4 so most of the tym i have to
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