Religous conversations in class

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Hi everyone! In my western civilization class we are studying Jesus and his impact in history and reform. my professor is convinced that Jesus was born in December and the weather was warm/hot. I first tried to explain that not everyone celebrates the birth of Christ in December. he had an abnoxious answer for eveything I said. He said that December or January its the same thing. I also tried to explain to him that the weather here in december or january is not the same as it is in the middle east. He suggested "how much of a differnce could it be" I felt that he was very ignorent in his comentary and lacked facts. I didnt know how to react to his thoughtless remarks, so I kind of backed off.

Was this the right thing to do, speak up and let the facts be known and perhaps this can effect my final grade? Im sure alot of you college students out there have experienced the speaking of religion in your classes, I would really like to hear your opinion and advice if it were to come up again.  thnks


  • you were right to speak up, and i really doubt he will change your grade based on your opinions. After all, this class must necessarily involve discussions of the different philosophies which are the roots of western civilization. these philosophies, namely the judeo-christian worldview and the greco-roman sensibility, are so pervasive in modern society that any barely sentient being should be able to acknowledge the fact that there are many varying opinions about the essential qualities of the western world. 
    Don't be afraid to argue with him. You are a witness to the LORD. However, before you say anything, make sure you have your facts straight.
  • yeah i agree with the above........firstly congrats for speaking out, thats a unique skill and secondly make sure your sources are accurate before publicly disclosing it.........the thing is that not all ppl belive what we do and vice versa but u cant change sumone's opinions in a 5 min certain he wouldve went home and thought about it............but we are all set in our belives and perceptions about society and certain every christian or any other religion wud defend their faith quite strongly but the highlight here is that you sound young and you have done wat not many could and which your teacher wouldve dispised and that is you challenged his thoughts and theories..........

    God bless and take care :)
  • good work for standing up to him, ummmmm dont think he will change your grades, i think u backed away in the approriate time.
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