is going on a date wrong?

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hi its david again n i wanna no if goin on a date is wrong can u help? ???



  • david i am gonna try to save you some trouble before 10,000 people jump on your back here
    there are 2 threads both called views on dating take a look at them then make your decision
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    hi its david again n i wanna no if goin on a date is wrong can u help? ???
    hey david.. date is not a bad thing to do. however you date when you feel ready like having work and house and can support a wife and kids. that's wut i mean by ready. Ready to move to another big step. ask yourself is the person who i am going to date will i marry her. well even if you say yes, you won't marry her because u r not ready yet. those chritians people who date, their realtionships broke because they are not ready to move to the big step. as i said earlier dating is not bad thing, however when u get engaged, u will need tot alk your finace' but now i am assuming that u have no fiance' so now become close to God. and i am sure when u become clsoe to gOD AND DO TASBEHA AND MATNYAT u will never think of this issue again. because it is an earthly idea and thought.
    if you need any clarification, just email me

  • David, I agree with Wasim, go to those other threads before everyone comes to hunt you down and kill

  • lol, I think everyone had enough jumping on people and they just won't say anything but I'll say a few words:
    Yes, it is very wrong. God Bless.
  • thanks guys u were alot of help
  • latest dating forum before this one...

    Dating in Highschool
  • it all depends were you are in your life.....its so annoying when kids who are just 14 years old ask that question becuase they noe the is as if they are searching for sum1 to tell them it is ok which will never happen....if you see a hot stove that is on why you place your hand on when you are young will lead to situations which you are not ready might say you have ur limits but when emotions take control anything could happen....i think you should start dating when you are ready to find a future with sumt1. bishop moussa says you should start dating when you are emotionally, phsyically, and financially. and even during that time you should try to stay in a group so you dont tempt each other...u dont want to do sumthing you'll regret......and most of all make sure God is the foundation of that relationship....that way you'll never go
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