how old are you?

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when i was in sunday school my teacher asked the class how old they thought they were, some people said 10, other said 18 becasue they are so mature and so on and so forth

then, she said that PopE Shounda said that everyday that you sin is not considered a day living, can you believe that?

now here is my real question, do u think that you spent a whole day [24 hours] withiut sinning at all and if you did, how old are you

i just thought that this was really interesting so i wanted to share it with you



  • im ashamed to say that i have not lived a day without sinning besides my childhood days i was an angel back then :P

    but that age thing is very interesting, can you find the reference for the pope's book?
  • i'll be still in my mummys tummy lol jk

  • even though i find this whole concept quite interesting and would like to read into it confused.........
  • The pope is saying that for everyday that you commit a sin is like as if you did not really live that day.
  • yeah i get that..........but............hey egy do you have any material or know of any books that discusses this concept further

  • hey kerestena, sry that i dont have a link to show you, but i think that Pope Shenouda wrote a bibliography and there is a section in that book that says something about it
  • no worries egy...... thankx buddy.........thankx for sharing it too............very interesting.......

    God bless n take care
  • woooow
    that is very interesting

    i'll be still in my mummys tummy lol jk

    same here
  • Hi,
    Also, about how old are you...The priest in my church says once..How old are you...I said 18, He says is it one year repeated 18 times.
    He was talking about how we should grow spritually in our if it one year repeated 8 times..i am not growing spritually.. I should be 18 but each year i should have grown spritually.

    I thought to share it with you guys..since u were talking about the age.

    remeber me in ur prayers
  • Dear egy and all,
    I agree very much with rana_rizk, as actually what her priest was doing is putting Pope Shenouda's words in another way. I think what the Pope meant is that we should really consider ourselves mature if we are mature enough to stop the sins that we commit in our lives. The thing is though, that we can never stop sinning. That is the point I think we all agree about, and even the Pope himself, I am sure. But it is the ability to stop doing a sin which makes you mature. Afterwards, you will be mature enough to pick out another sin in your life, and work on it, and so on. And this goes on and forth till you go to the slightest of sins, which we normally don't feel now. Once I heard this story of a monk (or maybe a well-known saint), but I don't remember their name, who kept fighting himself over all the sins he has ever done, and last of all, he even remembered his childhood days, when he stole a cucumber, that dropped off some farmer's donkey, and he ate it. He considered it stealth, and rebuked himself severely with bitter tears. Can we reach that point if we take the Pope's and the priests' words into action?
    God bless you and mention me in your prayers
  • i might be wrong but i think your sunday school teacher might of misqquoted :S im not sure. what i am sure of is this saying..Everyday that has not been reflected upon is another day not counted.

    but in both cases i am -3 days!
  • Well I attempted to murder my brother at 2 .. lol

    I guess that would make me 0... no, that would make me negative. I kicked alot... poor mummy :(
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