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[coptic]Iyrynyc ke agapyc `nte Iycouc Pi,rictoc Pen[oic metacou[/coptic]

Hey guys. I was wondering if there is a way that i could download the saint videos on the website so that i could burn them on cd? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

In Christ,
Your Brother

[coptic]Qen Pe,rictoc.

Aripamev`i qen pek`slyl[/coptic]


  • Hey Paul,

    Downloading Videos is currently disabled because videos take up much more bandwidth than audio for downloads. For everyone one video being downloaded, several other people can be downloading audio. This is only to be fair for everyone and to keep the speed of downloads as fast as possible. In the future, if our bandwidth situation improves, we will rethink this.

    In Christ,
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