For any Australians here..

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I know this is very random, but did any of you see the Sam Soliman/Anthony Mundine fight last night??  Im not a big one for boxing, but i watched it because Sam is Egyptian..

But yeah, if anyone did watch it what did you think? Heartbroken that he lost? Also, if you did see it, did you notice the huge picture of Mari Girgis he had on the back of his red gown?



  • heyyyy

    im Aussie - didnt watch the fight but heard Mundine won!!

    im not a fan of Mundine!!!

    go Sam Soliman apparantly his Mums pasta helps him!!! i saw that on the news

    Go Sam!!

  • im not a fan of boxing.........and i wouldnt support or watch it even if the boxer was egyptian or coptic.......i dont see boxing as a career..........i dont disagree with the concept of boxing itself, its an excellent form of anger release but i couldnt sleep at night knowing ive hurt someone or put someone in hospital..........i honestly cant grasp the concept even though i love watching rocky lol :P

    btw i love pasta but im not gettin any stronger....:( do u know which brand of pasta?..homebrand? lol :P
  • Its funny you would say that because Sam Soliman actually became a boxer because of Rocky!!

    And yeah.. im not a fan of boxing at all, but seeing Sam Soliman is one of the only famous Copts in Australia i thought it was my duty to watch the fight (Akmal Saleh is probably the only other really famous Coptic Australian)..

    But, Boxing as a career.. Well its definitely a job.. I mean the money is fantasitc when playing at Sam's level, so whilst im not going to say that he's a millionaire etc (which is just gossip anyway) i would definitely say he has been successful in his career as a boxer so good on him!

    As for the pasta.. I saw that bit as well... I think he was refering to Macaroni Bechemel (yuummmmmmm!!!!!!)..

    Seriously though, I do really hope that any Coptics in Australia are so proud of Sam Soliman because he was so exceptionally well-mannered, and despite the fact that he lost newspapers all over the country have been running columns that praise his humilty, honesty, and manners.. He really is a true legend and im going to be 110% behind him in all his fights..

    Ma salaama,

  • Where is the moderator?  ???

    lol! Kidding!
  • hey everyone

    i just wanted to add to the point about sams manners, my trainer who himself was national champion back in his prime was at the fight.

    The next day at the gym he couldnt stop talkn about sams manners, he even gave us a speech that if any of us make it to sams level we should always keep a level head and have tym for our fans (haha wat fans) I think the one think that he remembered was sam thanking GOD for bringing him to where he is.

    goes to show how much difference a small quote like that can make on a person.
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