i'm real happy to be back

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hi guys,
    My name is Christine and i'm 16 years old and i'm kind of new around here. the reason i say kind of is because i used to be on here all the time. i don't know if anybody remembers me, but anyways, i stopped because a lot of things came up and i'v been real busy lately. but i'm back again. and i just wanted to say hi to everyone and it's really nice to be back here again giving and receiving advices from you. i can see that there are a lot of people that i am not familiar with since it's been such a long time, so i would really appreciate it if i can get to know you guys.

[flash=200,200]http://Thanks and God Bless  :)[/flash]


  • Hey Christine glad to have you back, i am sure you have noticed that the website has changed since you have been here last (guessing its been over a month) i am sure you will definetly love it (again i am sure)

  • thanks jydeacon, its good to be back
  • yep i remeber u, welcome back

  • +++
    eventhough i am new to this website, welcomeback christine
  • hey chrstine great to see you back, i myself have returned, its been a while and its great to be back aswell
  • I'm back from a great absence aswell, keep me in yur prayerz.. GLAD TO BE BACK.
    I've noticed the site changes, luv it :D
  • HI CHRISTINE!! :) i remember you!!...(do you remember me ? )
  • Welcome back Christine !!!
    I've been away for a whilr like you.

    God Bless and remeber me in ur prayers.
  • seems lka a lot of ppl hav gone.  l0l well welcome bak to all of u!!

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • Yes welcome back everyone.

    God be with you all.
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