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I got a interesting question today at work and I wanted feedback from you guys on your opinions. Some guy asked me why don't I smoke weed and I said because its wrong. He said how is it wrong it is a plant that comes from the ground, and I said well it hurts you in the long run. I was just dumbfounded by the question and I wanted to know what you guys would have said. I don't feel like my response was good enough. Help

God Bless



  • its a form of suicide. by smoking weed, u r hurting the temple of God, ur body. for the fact that it is natural, u could use the verse, "1 Corinthians 6:12
    All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any." Weed brings u under its addiction/power.

    hope that helped
  • I don't know if this is a good enough explanation, but I always thought if you took drugs you are putting your life at risk because when you are under the influence of drugs you are not the same person and you don't know what you might do, kind of like alcohol. Putting your life in danger like that could end your life when it wasn't supposed to end yet. Also, any parents tell their kids to never take drugs because of what it does to you, and if they do take it anyway wouldn't that be disobeying your parents? I don't know if that confused you or would have helped you at all, but thats my opinion.

  • Well, if i was asked the original question, i think i'd be very likely to reply with "Why SHOULD i smoke weed??" - i can't come up with one good reason. I mean, if you're doing it for pleasure or satisfaction - go find a hobby, pick up a sport, make some new friends.... do SOMETHING interesting!!

    However, if you wanted a biblical response, i think someone has already mentioned it above. This body we are in is NOT ours. We didn't "earn" it. Christ paid for it with HIS blood. Since it doesn't belong to me, i have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to go screw it up [this isn't just about weed - same goes for ALOT of other things].

    As someone mentioned, the bible says that we are the Temple of God - HIS dwelling place - would you really corrupt the place where God Alimighty dwells with weed??? [or any other corrupt substance/deed for that matter?]

    All in all, this body isn't mine. I have NO RIGHT to screw it up. Jesus gave it to me ENTRUSTING me to take good care of. Smoking weed is ABUSING that trust.

    Oh, and another thing. Lets just say you wanted to keep religion out of your response - the side effects of smoking weed alone are enough to deter me from doing it. I choose life :)

  • One ask himself? Why im do that? Before any reply I
    must know its consequenties and and the use of each
    one to the body. If I don't know, have to ask parents
    or anyone trustful and faithful. If that harmful for the
    body and does not agree with the spiritual and physical
    laws, have to prevent that. For our body carries the
    HOLY SPIRIT and should not let him to be sad. after
    that one knowes is that sin or not. Anything that destroys
    the body and sad the HOLY SPIRIT must be a SIN.

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