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hey guys my parents are always saying i cant go anywere with people from school because they dont no them can u give me your oppinion? ???


  • Yea, I get the same thing. They do that because they don't know who these people are, therefore they don't know where they come from, and they don't know if they might pressure you into doing something. As much as you may know your friends, you're parents don't, and they will constantly worry that these friends of yours are up to no good, or even worse, their parents might try to do something to you (I know I don't have to get into detail here...), but yea. It will remain like that till they either get to know your friends, or they tell you that they will only allow you out with church people whom they know and trust.

  • Hey David,
    If anyone knows what you're talking about - its me :)

    My parents were like that when i was growing up too - i TOTALLY couldn't understand what was wrong with them [my parents] for not letting me go out with people who i thought were totally decent [for the most part]

    Anyway, I believe that parents will recieve judgement not only for themselves, but also on how they raise us - so they REALLY don't wanna stuff it up. I mean, imagine if they did !! Sometimes they're EXTRA cautious because, well, "evil company corrupts good habits" - and although your friends might not be "evil" as such, if they aren't God fearing friends, they really won't be bringing you closer to Jesus. And your parents are responsible for that [till a certain age]

    So yeh... bear it and grin for now, cause it gets better. Perhaps you can request to go out with church friends, they may see that as a responsible move on your part??

    What do you think??

  • and when you go with them, tell them everything about them
    and where you go and come back.
  • thanks guys u were all a big help ;D
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