what do u think about this...


  • What is this my friend , I couldn't recognise anything
  • isn't this the hymn the deacon says inside the altar the day of the nativity feast, i think they say it instead of "one is the holy father, one is the holy son..and beleive me i know how long it is (if that is the one).
  • thats not the long ispateer i think its the prayer of the oblations said during the matins of the feast of the Holy Nativity. i can't really tell because the recording isn't that great.
  • that`s what i found about it in coptichymns.net

    "Reply for the litany of the departed in festal tune.
    This rendition is highly uncommon in that it employs the tune of the reply for the oblations for the reply of the departed."
  • This seems to be the reply for the litany of the departed that is usually prayed after the commemoration in the annual days. It seems to be an attempt to install the pinisht tune on this altar. It has no grounds from Master AlBatanouny, Alexandrian techings or the Sahidic Teachings.

    Wagdi Bishara
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