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hey ppl wanna go on a cruise?

6-10pm at Circular Quay - the Lady Rose


Bishop will be in attendance

dinner included

great ambiance

u have to come!!!

any more details PM me AND FROG at the same time so one of us can get back to you



  • this sunday!! sorry i forgot to mention that!!

    Sunday 14 January 2007

    this is in Sydney Australia just by the way BUT all are welcome!!

  • hey is any one going???

    u will get to see me --- bonus!!! lol lol lol

    anyway u can get the ticks at the door

    the wharf is the private wharf toward the opera house!

  • hay, yeah the cruise really will b awesome.. gr8 performances n SANTA yey!! nah but really should be an enjoyable night so any1 here in sydney as kris sed buy ur tickets at the door.. also the priests say you can pay half from your tithes as it is donation for the church project.. and its only $75 for full catered cruise etc.. should b really gr8
  • heres an ad
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