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Hello dear ones,

I had a question, and its been bothering me for a while.

The Catholic celebrate Christmas the 25th of December... but they celebrate the day that the three wise men came on the sixth of January...

Also, when the three wise men went to Betlehem, they first went to Jerusalem to ask Herodes about the (already) born King. And it seems logical to me that their camels weren't that fast that they came from the East, to Jerusalem and after that went to Betlehem, all in one day.

So my question is the following: how long did the Holy Family stay in Betlehem, in the stable, and how long did it take the three wise men to get there.

I suppose they didn't arrive at the day of Birth itself. Or were they travelling since July?

And another thing: Where was the Holy Family when the angel appeared to Josef and told him that he had to go to Egypt? Also in the stable?

I'm sorry guys, I know, a lot of questions, but I'd love to see them answered.
Thanks a lot in advance, and a Merry Christmas to all of you, and a blessed, fun and healthy 2007.

Keep me in your prayers,


  • i would give you a reply, but sorry i dont know the answers

    im waiting for an answer too lol
  • i forwarded the question to my FOC and thats what he said:

    Dear Sandra ... Nofri Shai
    Your question is very very good. I don't know the exact answer, I am going to forward your question to HG Bishop Youssef. My personal impression is that the three wise men arrived Bethlehem in a short time "maybe weeks" and the "holy family" was still in the stable. Whereas when the angel appeared to Joseph, they were still in Bethlehem but not in the stable, since much more time elapsed that the "Holy family" had time to find another lodging... Anyway I will also wait to hear from HG Bishop Youssef.
    Nofri shai again
    Fr. Kyrillos

    and i'll post whenever he replies back!


    However, until the answer arrives, I'd love to hear more ppl... So keep it coming Copts!

  • Here you go:

    Dear Sandra.. This is the answer of His Grace Bishop Youssef

    Dear Fr. Kyrillos

    The peace of the Lord be with you.

    Actually there is no definite answer but theories:

    According to the chronology in Luke, the family left Bethlehem soon after arriving, when Jesus was forty days old, but according to Matthew, the Magi visited Jesus in Bethlehem when he was at a house. This raises the question of how the family has its own home in the town when the Magi visit, having only been able to have a stable when Jesus was born. However, Matthew does not say the house belonged to Joseph and Mary.

    Most modern scholars believe that Matthew is fairly clear in this chapter that the family had lived for some time in the town, and was originally from Bethlehem. Most probably the couple found a house very quickly, i.e. in less than forty days, while St. Mary had only just given birth. Another theory is that the Magi visited several months after the birth of Jesus.

    Another theory is that the Magi visited about two years after the birth of Jesus, explaining why Herod, thwarted in his plans, later ordered the death of children aged two years and younger. For many, this is the most acceptable theory.

    The Angel appeared to Joseph in the house in Bethlehem

    Pray for me

    Bishop Youssef

    May God bless you Sandra

    Fr. Kyrillos

  • Mucho Gracias
    Merci Bien
    Hartelijk Bedankt
    Danke Schön
    Thank you
    Shokran awy

  • lol your welcome awy!

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