Celebrating Christmas when there is death in the family!!

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I am in a position where I do NOT know whether I should Celebrate God's Birth, or Grief over My uncle's Death.
I am stuck and I don't know which way to go, I can't Rejoice and Grief at the same time. I can't Rejoice and forget that my uncle died and forget that his family is going to spend their first christmas without him, and I can't Grief and still cry knowing that Our lord Jesus Christ's Birthday is today.

Grief or Rejoice?


  • Sorry about your uncle.

    You can enjoy Chirstmass , i think. You don't have to forget about your uncle when you celebrate the birth of our Savior.

    When we die, only our body dies, ...our soul lives with God forever!!

  • I am sorry for you
    The thing is happening to my friend. Her grandma died last month, but her parents are celebrateing it but without all of joyfull things like the christmas and the gifts. I am sure i will see her and all her family at church, but they will remember her at the same time.
  • i am sorry to hear about your uncle, but think about it this way, he is now with God and he is now praising with the angels for the birth of Christ, GOd chise him to be at this time with Him in Heaven for a reason. Trust that God knows wut is best for your family.
    + el baraka feikou. +
  • It is hard to enjoy Christmas knowing that a relative won't be with his family!
  • el behaya fe hayetek + im sry about ur uncle. lke they said ur uncle is in heaven having a great time. u could be said but u definetely should celebrate christmas. christ the savior was born on this day and so u should celebrate his birth. he saved us. so to sum it up u can kind of do both. but dont be sad because his soul is with god.

    merry coptik christmas.
    pray for me all!!
  • LOL... Im in the same situation... so dont be upset... but hey look why is it fair that your uncle celebrates Christmas... but you dont... think about it this way... your uncle and my aunt are all celebrating Christmas right now in heaven with the angels and the saints... so how can you not celebrate it... is it fair? of course not... just celebrate it without the mombo jumbo that we added... just relax and enjoy your Christmas... its the day the Lord was born to save all human nature! yalla peace and love!
  • It is because of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, His life, His death and His resurrection that we can grieve less our reposed beloved: as for all of us, death is now a better place.

    Philippians 1:21
    For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

    bentBABAyasooa`remember that baba yasoo3 zayel sokar! and khalo would love to see you enjoy Jesus birthday, which is also the birthday of all the Christians.
  • you should be happy that your uncle is celebrating Christmas with Christ
  • as i see what happened to me in a mirror
    my uncle passed too
    and this christmas been the first to his
    we went there at their place where we had our christmass
    we all enjoyed, but the fact that there is no church going
    not proud of it, but it is just like a tradition we follow here in egypt
    i'm not saying all christian egyptians are doing the same
    and i just came out with this:
    "what is now placed away, in the heart shall stay"
    i shall add this in my notes before i forget it
    rabena ye3azeeki wa eana :'(
  • wow...........!
    In a moment I though Shakespear came back to life!!!!
  • i am sorry about your uncle :(
  • I can't realy get over it!
  • me too my grandpa, who was veryyyyy close to me passed away this september. I saw him this summer when i visited egypt but 2 weeks later a call came and told us he passed away. This was very hard for me, but always think that people have cases worse than this. I think of him now as a person standing before God. Rabena ye3azeekou koloko, and life still goes on.
  • i am soo sry but u should be hapii either way that God is born and that ur uncle went 2 heavan
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=11;threadid=4859;start=0#msg66401 date=1169346641]
    I can't realy get over it!

    You're not supposed to get over him, you're supposed to miss him and you'll misss him till the day you pass away ! But that doesn't mean you should 'grieve'. You should be happy that your uncle has finally come to the end of his life and gone to muchh better place ! You should deffinetly celebrate Christmas like every other year, the only difference is, now you have two things to have joy over :D.
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