ya men fawka el saleeb

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I am looking for a tarnima that goes like yaa men fawka el saleeb...em7o asamy ya 7abeeb...I am not really sure what's th e name of it is but this it's refrain if anyone has it.



  • Hey Marianne, i love this song by the way, the words are beautiful
    its called "fee hozn shadeed"

    Fee hozn shadeed we insehak akeed
    ra2eet ilhabeeb fok oowd ilsaleeb
    fa sa2alt fee 3agab lima kol za il ta3ab
    fa tagasad il sabab ithmee yabdoo ha2ilan

    ya man fowk ilsaleeb,
    imhoo ithmee ya habeeb (2)

    Fee wast il hegoo3 we intefa2 ilshemoo3
    ra2ayt yasoo3 bakeyan bel demoo3
    kol shawkaten behe kad gharastoha ana
    fa hara3t nahwahoo we sarakht ka2ilan

    Ya rabee yasoo3 inee a3teref
    ithmee kad ga3al ganbak yanzef
    lak 3ahdee ya yasoo3 lan ohzenk abaden
    sowtee fee kol il reboo3 sa yonadee ka2ilan

    here it is, click where it says download file

    here is the french version "La haut sur la croix"

    Là-haut sur la Croix

    1-Tristesse douleur
    Et Tes larmes ô douceur
    Jésus je Le vois
    Tout là-haut sur la Croix
    O Jesus dis pourquoi
    C'est ma faute c'est moi
    Ce sont bien tous mes péchés
    Sur la Croix qui T'ont cloué

    Là-haut sur cette Croix
    O Jésus pardonne-moi
    O Jésus pardonne-moi

    2- Soleil noir funebre
    Sur la terre tenebres
    Jesus je l'ai vu
    sur le bois est pendu
    car mes fautes et peches
    t'ont blesse lacere
    les epines et les troix clous
    t'ont perce Jesus si doux

    Là-haut sur cette Croix
    O Jésus pardonne-moi
    O Jésus pardonne-moi

    3- Jesus bien aime
    ton sang pur m'a lave
    agneau innocent
    Dieu glorieux et puissant
    jamais plus, non jamais
    jamais plus, pecherai
    et la haut tu entendras
    car ma voix te suppliera
  • the french version is wonderful PrincessMary

    here`s another version in arabic,hope u like it

  • The arabic one isn't working but the french one sounds sooo good
    If you have another version of the arabic one..can you upload it please. It's a great tarnima and thanks for the words by the way.

    Sorry Shounda I posted at the same time...this one works...thanks a lot.

    Happy New Year Everyone.
  • welcome,
    [move][glow=red,2,300]Happy New Year[/glow][/move]

    2 u 2
  • you are welcome Marianne :)
    thanks so so much Shenouda i love the version u have, its very nice
  • hey can u re-upload it pls

  • thankyou
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