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Actually i am from St Mark Church in DC (www.stmarkdc.org) and since we are in kiahk now and we say all that great hymns in tasbeha but i noticed something we have about 7 different translation for the tasbeha (as well as agbya)... look at a hymn like (the burnig bush) or (you love held me captive) there are about 8 different translation for those 2 hymns only.. does anyone have any kind of advice how can we be all one since we are all one coptic church..


  • It is hard to stay with one translation because not everyone will have the same book (unless your church provides you with the books) but my church we have two different kinds of books so it is hard to keep to one translation. Also different authors use different forms of english like yours and thy they mean the exact same
  • so there is no solution then...
  • yes I guess
  • as long as ppl are prayin with the same spirit and intetion....nothing makes a difference
    thats how it goes with me!!!:)
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