St. Samuel the confessor

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Does anyone know where I can watch (Website) the Movie of st. samuel the confessor???

( el anba somaeal el mo3tareaf)


  • Dear bentBABAyasooa,

    You will find the movie of St Samuel the Confessor on its monastery's website, which is

    We have updated the website last weekend, with a link to the video for the Feast of St Samuel the Confessor. It's on the homepage.

    Kol sana wentom tayebeen !
    May His prayers be with us.
  • Thank you sooo much.

    I know his 3ed was yesterday!

    But was it his neya7to? or his birthday???

    ;) Thanks alot!

    What is your relationship to the website and the monestary???
  • His 3ed usually is his esteshahedo
  • ;) that is what i thought!
    The name Samuel means alot to me for a lovely reason!

    Thank you!
  • It's a pleasure.

    It was neya7to.
    Most of the time, when there is a feast, it's for the departure or martyrdom of the saint.

    What is my relationship to the website and the monastery?

    I am only the co-webmaster of this website.
    For the monastery, I wish I could visit it one day ensha'Allah. It's one of my best friend (the founder and webmaster) who knows well the Monastery and His Grace Anba Basilios. His grace asked him to make a website for the monastery...

    Marianne87, I just want to precise that St Samuel the Confessor is not a martyr, so it's not estesh7ado
  • tifou,
    DO you know exactly where i should go on the site to watch his movie???

  • WOW......... It is wonderfull!
    I didn't see I had to choose the language!
  • It's on the homepage.

    Under the Coptic Synaxarium, you have "Special Event on Kiahk 8th - December 17th !", two lines under, you have the link.

    It's written "Video - Life of St Samuel the Confessor, available by";
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