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Hey guys....everyone at school keeps telling me that the world was created from the big bang and I KEEP TELLING THEM THAT THEIR HAS TO HAVE BEEN A BEGINING but they wont believe me :(


  • Dear Johannes(John)

    Just telling them won't do. And anyway, who made the big bang if not God? More importantly, who keeps the world going and who provides for us?
  • hey john...
    if they start talking to u about this, here is what i would do:

    1. agree with them (or seem like it)
    2. have THEM explain what they think the big bang is
    3. ask them what caused the big bang?
    4. ask them where did the substance/material/rock come from that created the big bang?
    5. ask them where did the space around the rock come from?

    don't try to tell them what u think... have them tell what they know and then turn the table onto them showing them that what they think is incomplete, and they got to think even before the big bang...

    **they might tell u that the high temp that was in this big rock caused it to explode... then ask them what caused the temp to go up since there was no sun yet :P
  • i agree with anbabola
  • Hey Man, the worst thing You could do is bad dispute with them. Sometimes they are waiting for your angry reactions - to reproach you "where is your love, christian?" ;)

    Big bang and evolution are only THEORIES, but many people think it's scientists' true. It is more than theory - it is great part of their agnostic or atheistic RELIGION. 8)

    Their minds are closed to God's true, because their hearts are closed to Him. Don't convince them about the Creation. :-X

    Did You grow up in christian family knowing the Gospel of Jesus, or You were atheist and gave Your life to Him later? If the second - tell them, that You believed the BB too, but then Jesus showed You his love and the true about the begining of all. ::)

    Pray for them to be saved. Pray for them, because only God is able to open them to hear what You vould like to tell them. Tell them that You don't believe in begining from nothing, without any plan, without any energy - anymore. That's all... :)

    Living God changed Your life, that's good, man... :D
  • Ok this replies that i have read are buetiful but try to stay away from getting into religious topices at school unless you have researched what you are arguing about

    Safe studies
  • I agree with AnbaBola!
    think of it this way: the big bang theory assumes that at some point there was nothing, not even space, and out of that nothing came something, i.e. the big bang.
    obviously, nothing can create itself, meaning there must have been something before the big bang and before existence itself to have created anything. Also, that thing (GOD) in order to created everything, must have had more energy than everything, i.e. it must be omnipotent.
  • Hey,

    Actually this didn't work in my case, because my physics teacher believes that scientists discovered that matter can randomly and spontaneously be formed from energy in space (which is filled with energy).

    What do I tell him? Were did energy come from? Spontaneously sprouted from matter probably. :D

    Anyway, I find that there are two types of Atheists in this world.

    1. Those who believe that science is the definite truth, and that there is no such thing as divine truth.

    2. Those who don't want to believe in God, because He is irrelevant and in no obvious way affects their lives.

    There's little that can be done about the first category, except sincere prayer.

    For the second category, the response consists of reflecting God in our behaviour, and continually referring to His active involvement in our lives in our discussions.

    In the end God calls those to Him whom He chooses; and yet He knocks on the door of every heart, waiting to be let in. These people had or will have their chances like us too. Whether they accept Him is up to them. Just pray for them and be persistent in your own spiritual life. In the end they may not believe you now nor tomorrow, but 20 years down the track.

    Most of all, treat them with love.

    Merry Christmas
  • i think you should think why they are Athiest in the first place... becasue they never find anything better.. they didnt taste the love that we taste and the blessing that we get.. i know this something not practice but i just wanted to remined you.. what "Christ is My Savior " said is not quiet right because you cannot be talking about God and He will leave you Thats why we have the Holy Spirit? practically speaking.. I think you should try to ask more about after death then about creation,and see what they think.Are we just dying and thats it and nothing will happen.. ask them about if someone blowed a nuclear bomb on all the earth and all the people died what will happen to the earth after that.. Ask them about why the people who just die without a dieases without nothing die (what we call a death from God).. i agree you can not argue about the end before the begining but we were not thier ...
  • What do I tell him? Were did energy come from? Spontaneously sprouted from matter probably.

    hehehe...if your physics teacher says "Spontaneously sprouted from matter"... then ask where did matter come from? u get my point :D if he says A came from B... ask about B... He will say B came from C... ask about C till u get to Z :D

    I agree with u crazy4christ... i even tried that with a greek orthodox person who doesn't believe in God. I asked her what she thinks about death and what will happen to us. She said that death is the end and nothing will happen after that... no life... no God... So when i argued that God does exist, she kinda agreed a little... So I asked her whether she wants to meet this God that we proved He does exist, and she said no... so I just stopped hopeless...
    what do we say to these ppl cause i don't know ??? ?
  • John,

       I can understand where your aprehensive concern is exhuming from, however, I really don't believe that utilization of the Big Bang theory can really subvert theistic rationale....I use the theory as an unwavering means to actually prove the existence of God. In concordance with AnbaBola's claim, the argeument for the non-existence of God ultimatley proves to shroud itself with a moral dillema then any form of logical adequacy. I found this to be especially apparent as I debated a whole slew of atheists on the "Infidel Guy" primary website and found their argument exuberantly wanting. I can refer you to sources or provide you with further insight if you're interested. There simply is no logically sound means to use the Bing Bang as a joust against theism or for that matter the Christian faith.

    God Bless.
  • I just had an argument with someone today about this. and the answer i got was, she didn't agree with religion because of the bad examples that she sees like the conquistadors, the inquisition, the crusades, the turkish invasions, and the abuses of theology by catholic clergy.
    this is a valid point, but it serves to make it difficult for us to get across to people the true message of christianity. how can we circumvent this?
  • that is completly on our side.. you should say that proves that there have not been anything perfect and nothing perfect except God thats why ppl do make mistakes...
  • no, her argument was essentially this:
    "if these brutish displays of power are all manifestations of religion and are all conducted under the banner of God and the leadership of supposedly pious men, then it is goes to prove that religion only causes problems."
    I can say as much as i want that despite a 2000-year history of abuses and attacks and invasions under the name of God, that is only the vanity and excess of evil men, but it won't change anyone's mind, especially someone with a solid grasp of history.
  •  Nevertheless EpNomos EnTaio,

         as Saint Augustine clearly demarcates, the abuse of a religion should never be conflated with the actual theology of that religion. The very atrocities actualized in the name of Christianity starkly oppose the sound and unyielding teachings of Christ. The only religion that can logically claim sonship to a God of Love has adjudicated moral laws that foster altruism and serenity. Other religions may lay claim to altruistic tendencies, yet the very ideal of their tenants are founded upon an existentially-steered reasoning. In the Christian worldview only, does the very concept of love precede life to which the God of the bible is the only God who knew how to love before the creation of mankind.

       Furthermore, existential retrospection demonstrates that while certain outlandish events transpired under theological "banners", there have never been more horrific crimes and pointed violent surges as those that have been committed under the solemn regime of atheism. The amount of murders committed under atheistic perspectives far outweighs any crimes committed under the name of religion, let alone Christianity. Religion does not itself provoke problems, rather religion that is unfounded by logical adequacy and experiential relevance are those whose outworkings lend to the inevitable fatality of mankind.....and let me assure you that the very abuse of theological doctrines is a definitive portrait of men and women re-affirming atheistic tendencies that have long been the cause of immoral works. The very strokes of ones personal proclivities paints over the actual religion's tenants and recreates a new atheistic regime that men willingly extrapolate for themselves.

      As a concluding note, it is imperative to point out that the very claim of your atheist friend is logically unsound. Your cohort has, by the very remark raised, evoked a moral law. He is claiming that it is inherently wrong for religion to persevere because of all of the immoralities it has caused. However, the gauntlet of evil can not be philosophically worn unless there is an absolute Diety to which evil can be uphenld. You see, in order for there to be such a thing as inherent evil the atheist must first evoke that there is such a thing as good. However, in order for there to be such a thing as inherent good there must be an absolute Moral Law to differentiate good from evil. Yet, if there is a Moral Law present in the confines of our existence then indeed a Moral Law Giver is necessarily exhumed. Yet.... isn't such a Giver or such a God Whom the atheist is trying to disprove and not prove? Thus, there can not be a constant reality of evil unless God's existence is first presupposed. The atheist has placed himself on the benchmark of rational-contradiction even before the begotten that religion brings forth inherent evil.
  • Yeh, Can you belive this. I go to a Christian School and in Physics our teacher said that the big bang theory says that the world started off by a ball of light and in the bible God said let there be light. So maybe there is a ocnnection between these two (thats what our teacher said). Im totally against it since it says God created light and not the light just appeared.
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