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  • do you happen to have that book or now its name i would like to read it.
  • do you happen to have that book or now its name i would like to read it.

    beta3 el 3adra?? its in arabic.... do u read arabic?
  • hello ppl... i had a nice chat with my two abounas about this, and here is the explaination if u r wondering too.....

    about the new transfigured body, and when do we take it, and how do the good dead ppl see god without it while bearing his glory:
    as it says in the bible: "allah rooh" - god is a spirit, and so will we once we die, only the spirit of us goes up to the paradise (which is just a waiting place)... its like a spirit meeting a spirit... a human meeting a human... so we don't need any special body or "upgrade" to enable us to see god in his glory. BUT, as what happened with omena irini, she was still in the body when she saw the glory of god, and so she got burned, but omena kyreeya was a spirit.... about the paradise, its just a waiting place, where we will see god and enjoy his presence, and that's just a piece of what's god is perparing for us... NOW, on the other hand... hades...bad ppls spirits get tormented, but the kind of fire they have is different than our known fire since they are spirits... with the story i mentioned earlier, god wanted to reveal to the daugther the kind of pain her mother was feeling and that's why her hand got burned.

    now, the answer to the judgement day question ties pretty close to the answer above. here is what will happen on judgement day:
    1. whoever is still living during the second coming will experience death, resurrection and transfiguration.
    2. for all of the ppl that died: if their body is dust by now, it will be brought back, if its the body of a saint (i.e. mar mina, or st. demina, or st. george, etc...) god will bring back their body from all over the world... if it was eaten by a fish, he will bring that back too. THEN, the spirit will reunit with the body (our pope says "I wonder what will be the feeling when the spirit reunites with its body again!") THEN the body will be transfigured... the new body will not have any defects... i.e if someone is missing an eye, he/she will get it... missing a leg.. will get one.. etc...
    3. the ppl from hades, and paradise, and earth will all stand infront of god to hear their condemnation or their commendation infront of every one.
    4. then god will say the famous verse "kont ga3an fa at3omtomoni..." and then we will be taken to the heaven of heavens and the bad ppl to hell...
    5. YES, everyone who have died already, did know where they are going... whether the paradise or hell... but on the judgement day they will take the transfigured body, and go to their final destination...

    abounas backed up all of these pts above from verses in the bible... lemme know if u want them, and i'll type them up for u!

    very interesting stuff ha :)
  • [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=1;threadid=4730;start=15#msg64631 date=1165615227]
    boy... thinking about this makes me be ??? ???

    You are not the only one thinking about something and go ??? ???

    very interesting stuff ha :)

    yeah it is....
    God bless you anbabola and nawarlak tare`ak with a great future and someone who deserve you
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