too hard to let go



  • how is your friend now?
  • Hey. I hope you, your friend, and her family are dealing well with the circumstances. It is hard to face your own mortality, and harder to face someone else's. I think it is because we Christians are taught to think about others before ourselves. But there is someOne you need to think about even more, and that is Jesus. He loves her so much, so so very much. Can you believe that He went into a world and had human friendships with people who suffered and died from such ghastly problems. He willingly lived amongst the poor, who had the worst treatment (not that doctor's were much help then), and He would have his friends and family members one by one have things like cancer, or heart diseases, infections (sepsis) and the list would continue. Some physicians would lose their site, builder's would lose their ability to stand...And He not only shared their sorrow, He would die the worst death imaginable- and He knew before He came.

    I know that this is an emotional time for you now. It doesn't seem to make sense. Why could my loving God let this happen? There are so many answers to this. One is he respects the choice of Adam and Eve to choose a life where death reigns (but God made sure that death would not lose its power to effect us, by giving us life after). Another is that these things make you a better person. You are experiencing love that some of us have not had. You are feeling more close to friend than before. It hurts, but with the right attitude it may make you a stronger person. Another is that she has a chance to strengthen her relationship with God, and might get closer to God. And trust me, she is better with Jesus than she is with us. Jesus lovers her a lot. He died for her. And what is waiting for your friend is greater than we can imagine.

    But the thing to remember, that Jesus still walks among us. He was called Emmanuel. You know what that means? No religion in the world has an Emmanuel. It means God with us. How beautiful is that! Jesus is with your friend right now, and is suffering with her.

    Take heart. We'll pray for you, her and her family.
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    my friend ive known for two years had just told me she has this type of heart disease called heart murmur. shes now almost 13 and ive known her for a long time. the doctor said she had it when she was five and she hasnt gotten any attacks or anything yet which increases the chance that she can right now and the attack can be more fierce...(the attack is where her heart doesnt pump enough blood becuase there is a whole in it and then its two week to spread all over her body, so part of her body becomes lifeless, and she has to have a surgery where the open her chest and they take blood to that certian body part) during the surgery, if too much bacteria comes into the opening of her heart, she WILL die. there is already a hole right now and the doctor said it gets a lil bigger everyday, which means even if she doesnt have an attack, she can die anytime.
    i cant deal with this, shes my best friend. its not easy to love someone and then find out they can die any minute..without u even being with them..does anyone have any advice?! its tooo hard.

    Spend more time with her now than u did before.

    What's her news??
  • She's fine, Thank God.. = D
  • that's nice to hear, May God be with you and your friend always

    and dont forget everyone of you :)
  • u should try to have the best time of ur life with this friend of urs. and don't treat her any differently than any other of ur friends. i am not saying like treat her like trash but if u let that person feel like they are getting special treatment for being ill they will feel bad for themself. i am just saying, have the best time of ur life with ur friend. and don't forget that if ur friend dies u should be happy because ur friend went to a better place.
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