Holy Trinity

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Ok, I’m sure all of us have tried to describe the holy trinity to someone or even think about it in our heads..

My abouna likes to use the following example:
The holy trinity is like the sun, it has a body that we see, it has heat that we feel, and it has the light that we see, all three are in one.

Another example that I heard is:
The holy trinity is like the cross, if you have holding a cross, you would see the left arm, the head, and the right arm, all in your hand while holding the feet.

Did you guys know other examples like this that would be good for little kids?


  • the holy trinity is like a tree. the tree have 3 parts. the roots, the top of the tree that you see, and the joice that is transfered from the roots to the top of the tree to the leaves and the fruits to keep it going.

    the root of the tree is God the Father which is hidden from everyone like the roots not shown.
    the the rest of the tree is the Son of God, our Lord jesus Christ. The Incarnated Word of God that resambles the Father. like the normal body of the tree resambles the roots.
    The joice that keep the roots and the tree conected is the Holy Spirit .

    also a continuation to that is how the fruits and the leaves part of the tree and how they are grown by the help of the joice that is send from the root. it resambles us as parts of Jesus Christ and the joice, the Holy Spirit, that proceds from the Father, narishes us to live by, in, and with Him who is above.

    * This was explained by Hegumen Fr. Abraam Sleman of St. Mark's Jersey City.
  • good one mina, thanks... :)
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