night of the last supper

does anyone have that on audio? i rlyy need it...PLZ
it goes like night of the last supper,night of the last supper, jesus took bread and broke and said eat my body and said eat my body...

if u can get it for meee then thankx soo much :)


  • sorry there is no audio of night of the last supper. i looked for it before and posted here about it but there is no audio of it

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • oh ok thankx anyways
    i have the arabic version only
    click on the top of the page where it says DOWNLOAD
  • i love that song
  • can any body get it. It is really nice
  • i have the full text if u want ..

    here it is:

    Night of the last supper, night of the last supper.

    Jesus took break and broke and said "Eat my Body."

    Our Master, Our Savior, gave us the vine of love.

    He is the Bread of Life, coming from heaven above.

    Night when my Lord suffered, night when my Lord suffered.

    He took wine and gave thanks, and said "This is my Blood".

    This is the Groom's Supper, is given to His Bride.

    Promising eternal life, up in the Lord's kingdom.

    This is the food of souls, is offered to us all.

    And the Blood is given, to help me lest I fall.

    Jesus, You are my hope, forgive my sins O Lord.

    Wash me and clean my soul, put on me a new robe.

    My heart I give to You, Your will I want to do.

    Your love to me I knew, when You paid all my dues.

    Jesus fill all my heart, the devil has no part.

    And through this sacrament, He gave me a new start.

    Jesus to you I pray, to lead me in your way.

    Bless me and help me obey, all what the Bible says.

    Christ suffered for my sake, His mercy is so great.

    My sins Jesus erased, and a new life He gave.

    My heart is filled with joy, and my spirit rejoices.

    with God I have union, when I take Communion.
  • thankx sooooooooo much :)
  • Hey i have sort of a ring tone of the song but not actual words. you can't download it but you can stream it. maybe it can help. it is the one under Epouro. the website is still under construction so you can't actually see it Here it is:
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