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Hi guys, I havent been on lately, I just been going thro a rough time in my life.

And I really need your prayers. :(
plz pray for me, i would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance. :'(


  • hey not a problem u got my prayers, u should really look at the post called "the Deal"
    may God help u and overshadow u with the shadow of his wings
    if theres anything i could do let me know k...
  • You're in my prayers too. Don't give up hope, and always, always pray. Stay strong, and like I posted on the other thread, remember, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me."

    God Bless You,
  • Aww..don't feel down. I'm sure evrything will get better through christ. :) I'll remember you in my prayer.
  • You also in my prayers.
    Just when this temptation is over remember how God have helped you and take this experence for all your life later. it will help you if you found yourself in new rough times.
    Pease and love Form The Almighty and Powerful Lord be with you
  • Hi guys, thanks for whoever pm'ed me and also prayed or didnt pray for me.

    And if you plz still pray for me, I need it even more now.

    thanks in advance
  • hay GodIsInMyHeart
    dont worry ill pray for you
    in your troubled times remember that with every bad thing comes a hundred good things so always pray and you will be fine im sure of that

    God Bless You
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