Call on God when u need help

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Hey guys, sometimes i feel like i only talk to God when i need something and when i do have the chance to talk to him he gives it to me, i feel soooo guilty and greedy. i want to talk to him but i never do. I feel like everthing i do, God has a purpose for it.

Anywayz i just want to know how i can talk to him ongoingly (i think its a word).


  • umm i dont think it is a word but i mite be uncorrect???

    no seriously to answer ur question try praying "Our Father" wheneva the thought pops in ur head, if ur driving, sitting in class, in the toilet wateva, you will find that you have said it over and over again during the day.

  • Well going to God when we need Him is not a bad thing.. the bad thing is when we turn away after He's given us what we want. Sometimes God gives us obstacles in our lives so that we can turn to Him. Theres no real 'trick' to remembering to speak to God.. If He occupies your life, there should be nor problem. But if He doesn't.. theres your problem right there. You need to involve God in your every day life as well as your obstacles. A good way is to regularly read your bible. it may take a bit of self discipline.. but with prayer and motivation, you cant go wrong. just ask
    God to remind you...
  • oh by the way, ongoingly is not a word.. and neither is uncorrect :) lol.. yu guys are funny :P
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