how to

Hi guys i'm new helan wesalan ??? i was just wondering how to put a picture under my name so like when i go into chats on the left under the name there's a saint's picture. please answer. thanks ;)


  • Hey there,

    You go to your profile, it is up where it says "home, help, search, PROFILE, notifications, and logout"

    You go there and then, you do the changes to your profile and then when you scroll down.... You will see personlize PICTURE!

    Then you can choose whatever picture suits you! ;)

  • Thank you bent baba yasooa GBU
  • hahahhaa........ you are sooo welcome!



    NICE picture by the way!

  • i know i love St. Mark he is my intercessor(shafeaee)lol and i am named after him. lol
  • nah......

    gee...... markoc i couldn't even tell that your name was morkos!!

    hahahhahaa......I am kidding with you!!

    You are gonna find me kidding alot and jokeing even more!!

    And I am older than you! I already check you out!! hahahahhahaa......... i am 18!

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