Boles Malak new tape?

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Ok I am looking for a whole tape by Boules Malak...I think it's called na3'mat keptya (coptic tunes)...but I am not really sure of the name.
It has a couple of old and new taranim that is said in both arabic and sounds so good so I was just wondering if anyone heard of it....I think it's new because I just heard it like of the taranim goes like baba yaso3..something something....I have two taranim from it but I just want to hear the rest of if anyone know what I am talking about please help since it really sounds soooo good. ;D


  • accually i am looking for any of his tapes that i can download from online or if someone can send it to me.. he has an awesome vioce and i love his tapes/cds

    They have only one tape for him...just scroll down under spiritual songs and you will find him...

    I still need that tape if anyone knows what I am talking about...plz :)
  • i know exactly what u r talking about Marianne87.
    send me ur mail and i`ll try to send the whole tape for u as soon as i`s really very good. :D :D

    i can also send u a link for some of these songs by a cantor called Zaher.his voice is nice but not all people like him as they like Boulos malak.
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