In the time where u lose ur faith........!!!

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hey brothers and sisters in christ,

i am sure there has been a time where u had an issue and thought god left you! and not listening to you!! and u call on his name cuz god said "ask in my name and u shall recieve".......
eventhough everything has a time on earth and a specific date!!!
why do we get weak in the time of trouble?? eventhough we know god WILL NOT leave us!! why do we feel depressed and sad and upset when we know that god promised us he won't leave us and he will alawys be with us?????
why do we feel god left us eventhough he is right there beside us????

u know god died for us and went through alot, i mean not an inch on his body wasn't bleeding when he was tortured, he got spat on, he was slaped around, his cloth were torn off and the soldiers gambled on his cloth, he was mocked, eventhough he could have vanished all them people in less than a mini-sec. but he choose not too for us, TO SAVE US!!!

u love him, and ofcourse he loves you!
why do we get afraid when we know god is right beside us???????



  • well when we're in times of trouble we want quick solutions to solve the problems we might have beacuse it's not fun to be in those predicaments. so it's easy to feel that God isn't there when our problems are still around us and forget that God is planning to relieve you of your pain. and i see it more of a test of our faith to see if we'll fold under the pressure and think God has left you. we shouldn't have any problems in the first place since God is always with us, but then it would be easy to be a christian that way.
  • If you mean the trouble of sin we do feel weak in these troubles because by choosing to sin we reject Him and His power within us. Remember that the Lord is our strength and song. If we lose our strength through Him we are definitely weak in these troubled times. God is always with us and is listening to us but will not force us to make Him our strength. We have to make that choice ourselves. In other troubled times we feel despair because we lack faith that God is with us and will deliever us from our troubles. With faith in Him we wil not feel this despair but hope. Do not forget that despair is one of the intrigues of the devil. Please read "Diabolic Wars" by HH Pope Shenouda III to learn more about this.

    Please pray for me alwyas,
    Believer in God
  • would it be cuz we are not confident in our selves and in god???
  • well when we were little kids and had problems we'd always find closure in our parents knowing that they'd help immediately and we had faith that they'd do it everytime. so i guess it's a hard transition from earthly closure to spiritual closure. i personally still struggle even though i kno God is there for me, but we're still hooked on the physical and can't experience God with us thru our 5 senses, so i guess the mind tells you that you're alone and i guess you just gotta keep telling yourself God is there and ward off the doubts or possible tricks the devil might do to you.
  • i agree.............

    the devil does take advantage of your weakness when ur in trouble and having doubts if god is with u or not! and that does make it worse!!

    but however, why would we even think that?? when we are 150% sure that god is with us and WILL NEVER LEAVE US NO MATTER HOW UGLY IT GETS!!!

    is it cuz we are humans??
    or is it cuz we doubt abt things??

    why do we do that???

  • i think its because when were not troubled by anything we have a positive mind state but when something bad happens we don't think as well like when you're angry and you say things that you would never say to someone when u were in that positive mind state. so i think its the same thing with faith where it's easy to have faith when things are fine and you're thinking straight but once ur hit with a situation and your way of thinking changes so its not necessarily "you" anymore. i guess it's just normal human behavior
  • I definetly agree with you C-Far.

    It is known that people say things (bad things) when they are upset and angry.

    I guess, the Devil takes advantage of the situation and makes the pain ever stronger and makes you lose your faith and the confidence you have in God and in yourself.

    Somebody correct me if i am wrong.

  • The devil tries to take advantage of everyone anytime he can, it does not matter the state of mood one is in. However, it is when one is sad/depressed/upset that they start to contemplate on their situation and how unjust God is. God is very much just and merciful and He gives us trials that we can handle. The successful person is the individual that learns from those trials and strengthens their relationship with God.

    In His Name
  • I agree with you, JOYISGOD!
  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=1;threadid=4573;start=0#msg62720 date=1162596485]
    would it be cuz we are not confident in our selves and in god???

    I think its often because we're only confident in ourseves and not in God.

    Then, when we get problems and realise we're not strong enough to deal with them by ourselves (we need God), we lose hope, since we only relied on ourselves previously.
  • I agree with you as well, orthodox11

    Because, in one of the vespers's lecture "wa3zaa" and it was about how god is testing us........ to see if we are gonna be confident on our worldly mind and get through an issue with out even saying "oh....god please help me" God just want to know if we can do it on our own (which is impossible) god just want us to remember he is there and right beside us!
    that was all in the vespers's lecture! and it was wonderfull one!

  • when you fall, you say and think that god left you to drown!

    but the truth is god is holding your hand!

    There is this story I know.... about....

    A guy that had a dream of his tribulations/times of trouble, and in that dream he saw.... two pairs of foot steps walking besides each others in a nice road, and when it came the narrow/hard/broken/with rocks road, the guy saw just one pair of foot stebs! and then the guy said... why god did you leave me in the time of trouble??? but then God answered him and said "ya habiby I did NOT leave you, i had you on my shoulders and carried you through the narrow road"!.

    Wow..... ha? Deep!

    We all love god, but when it comes to the time of trouble we think he left us to drown, but that is not true!

  • When we pray for something we want and extremly need it! sometimes we don't get the answer right away!

    Because under heaven, there is alawys a time for everything! A specific Date for occasions to happen!

    But since we are humans, When we pray for something and it doesn't happen right away.... We think God is not listening to us, and he left us, and doesn't want us anymore!

    But that is not true, because every person whether he/she was muslim,hindu,jewish,athesit,no religion, whatever! Our price is very expensive! Because God paid for us, he Paid his Precious blood for us!

    Ehna tamana galy awy for any one to get us away from god!

    God bless you all,
    and please pray for me..
    I am in the time where i need everyone's prayer! no matter how small it is!

  • wow.......

    I am trying to have a discussion here!

    Thanks for your time,

    Please come back and visit
  • Ever had the feeling god left you?
  • Not that God left me but that he was upset with me and wasn't answering his calls. I know that those feelings are of the devil however.... he is always there to put the wrong idea into your head when things are going wrong, when your down and out... u can always depend on the liar to do what he knows best.. Lie!!
    question. is there some reason right about now that u are feeling like God left u?
  • well, Forgiven1
    I had death in the family, and it was the first time in my life that i had to go through something like that! And since then, My grades in college have been droping, anything small bad happens i relive the moment of that death, I CAN NOT FOCUS!!!! I have been on the edge, I have talked to so many people and they can NOT get me out of this fire I am in, even my fience!
    And I had a test today, I prayed to god to help me pass it! and the opposite happened!
    Now I am worried about 2 of my classes, when comes the final examination which is in the first week or so in december!

    God said "ask and you shall recieve"! and I know things happen for a reason, and everything has a time on earth! but today, I was close to delete all the religious pictures I have on my phone! but i didn't!

    I did talk to abonaS many times! but no one can turn off the fire that is burning inside me!
  • Look Bentbabayasooa, you have to know that none of us is not going through something that annoys him/her, I want to tell you something my frined, do you think if you get upset and worried will solve the problem, or will take away the sorrow in your heart?? It is really a temptation from devil and devil wants to put in your mind that God left you. I know that talking is a lot easier that doing, but really when you get thought try to think about something: Ask yourself about how many times God helped you and comforted you and was with you, Think about Job's words (sorry i can't remember the exact words) but he said "The good we accept from God and bad we don't accept???" so Lol try to be more strong, Believe me I'm going exactly through something like how you are saying, and Yes it is extremely hard and difficult and hurting, but Lol we have to stick to the Lord, otherwise it means that we definitely don't have any faith, cheer up keda and we are always for you here, I will pray for you always.

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