Descions and consequences!!

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hey brothers and sisters in christ,

we all know that descions has consequences, and it can be bad or good!! and before we make descions we pray! rgt? and in praying and reading the bibile we alawys find the answer to our troubles!

i had a descion to make, about one of my college classes whether i want to drop it or not, and i prayed about it and i felt that i can do it and stay in it! and i have pope kyrollos miracles book, and i opened it and i found an issue close to my college class problem and st. mina helped the gurl pass her school yr!!

and now i am starting to have fears about my descion regarding my GPA everytime i study!

why????? what happened to the hope i had after i prayed about it???? where did "i can do it" go??????

i need ur prayers!
please please! just say inside u (fe serak) "rabana ma3aki" and i am sure god is gonna listen to you!

my exams are in a month!! plz plz plz i need ur prayers!



  • everytime you study pray:

    Dear Lord,
    Please grant me understanding, knowledge && the wisdom to use it. Amen.

    :D:D yull be fine ;D ;D
  • just checking up, do you still have those feelings now???
  • Hey my sunday school teacher told me when ever you need some help from god right away just say "my lord jesus christ help me with....." she said its like a bow and arrow just shot and went straigt to god. :o i have used it many times and it works. this little prayer is something i use in my life and i hope you use it mira. when ever you need help just say these words and they will automatically be sent to god and he will replie to you. god bless you and i hope you are doing fine at college. ;D :D Rabina Maki Ya Rab Esma sloutna wa rehamna :)
  • It is a fact that making a descion has consequences!

    My question is would you let them consequences let you down? or just belive in god and he will guide you no matter what? what about the bad consequences of a descion you thought it was good to make???

    My exams are knocking on the door! My first on is in an hour! :-\

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